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Importance of the Humanities Essay

There has been much argument about the value and benefits of funding the humanities in school.

Many people are of the view the fact that study of the humanities would be a waste of time and this more money and energy should be expended on teaching the ORIGINATE disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). On the other hand you will find the school of thought which in turn express the value of maintaining the humanities. Others just like Christina Paxson in the content The Economical Case for Saving the Humanities have posited the view that there be a cross pollination between the savoir and the humanities.

I am of the perspective that the humanities are essential and should remain an important part of the education program. Like Paxson I agree that people should be confronted with both the humanities and the STEM disciplines. The humanities will be basically the study of the different ways in which persons from across the globe and during different periods of history have highly processed and recorded the human experience.

It is the humanities that we have utilized to make sense worldwide in which all of us live as well as make documents of our activities. Humans have made sense worldwide in which they live through viewpoint, literature, faith, art, music, history and vocabulary. Having documents of individual experiences enables individuals to feel connected to those who were before us and also our contemporaries.

I firmly believe that the study of humanities is important because not only does it allow us to know the world in which we live but it also provides us regarding everything and brings quality to our long term. By doing the humanities persons learn to believe creatively and critically. That they know how to inquire abuout and to reason. According to Paxson we have to create well rounded individuals who will be specialists in any scenario.

She argues that the region does not need professionals in one subject but a civil world in which everyone can provide significant insight into any topic of conversation. As Paxson remarks we are moving into a global world. As such it is important that we have familiarity with other nationalities in order to negotiate our approach in this complex village. The usa for example need to form interactions with other countries and it is important that the powers that always be know who they are dealing with.

Paxson cites the example of the importance of having specialists in Arabic and the history of Islam following your September 11 attacks. Through their expertise the US received insight into what motivated these individuals and how to perhaps respond to these people. Knowledge of these individuals would not have been possible without the study of humanities. The humanities provide us with a number of intellectual and emotional abilities that we have to have in order to function in our world.

These are certainly not acquired the natural way but rather throughout the study of the number of humanities. The humanities helped me a whole lot in my last job by a traditional bank. It increased my communication skills both in written and spoken expression.

I was capable of communicate with inner customers, co workers, easily minus being socially awkward. I was also capable to challenge and make suggestions to policies in a sincere manner. My spouse and i dealt with exterior customers promptly and effectively due to the fact that I used to be able to appreciate their orders and questions.

In the 1st part of the online video Why Take a look at Art a lady says, I think it’s important [that] people look at art, since we stay in a visual globe. This is correct; we certainly live in a visual world. Look at it this way, if this was not for art, computers and other electronics could be used by coders as they had been just a group of codes and commands. The development of the GUI, Graphic Graphical user interface, solved this challenge.

The GUI had images that everyone could relate and easy to work with. If it had not been for skill these devices would not be as successful as they are today and would not constitute the backbone to our means of conversation. Throughout this paper I’ve sought to highlight the importance of humanities like a course of study. Humanities encompasses a a comprehensive portfolio of areas that may be applied to our day to day existence and enhance each of our interpersonal relationships, it is therefore critical that the humanities remain a fundamental element of one’s educational experience.

This really is basically to ensure one turns into wellrounded, socially accepted individuals.

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