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Human Virtues Essay

Virtues consist of a set of character talents, these advantages represent great character. They may be wisdom, courage, humanity, proper rights, temperance, and transcendence.

Intelligence and courage are two virtues that my Grand Father encompassed. He was an extremely strong and knowledgeable person. His your life revolved about going against all chances, he truly believed in beating whatever having been at fight against. His perseverance was with him till your day he passed away. He passed away at the age of 66, he wasn’t that old, however he was a really wise gentleman.

His personality was filled up with love, treatment and consideration for others. Extremely open-minded, if he met an individual he was the one who often found the excellent in them, no matter who they were. If a situation might arise, this individual never merely considered the thing that was likely to take place, he checked out the whole picture. His love to get learning was obvious, certainly one of his hobbies and interests was studying. When asked why, he would reply, the more you read, a lot more you know.

He was a stickler in making us excel in school. This individual wanted each of us to get a good education to build our lives out of. He was a Lieutenant inside the Federal Jail System for 25 years, after retiring in the Army, his life here was to offer and guard his relatives, which he done with a happy, energetic, and determined attitude.

His appreciation for life was amazing, he taught us all the meaning of Live, Chuckle, Love. He walked this life upon faith, while teaching others how to the actual same on the way. Although his life at home was well rounded and energized by simply his appreciate, his life at work was obviously a very mental one.

It became as if your life in jail, was lifestyle for him too. He developed psychological attachments to the inmates, This individual cared for all of them, he leg their situations, and he knew so why they were presently there. His bravery allowed him to become associated with their lives, which paid off in his favor the night he and some other folks were held hostage in Va Federal Jail, by a convicted serial monster.

Yet again, he you want to is hope, his know-how and courage and discussed the inmate down. This individual helped discharge the others, and saved a large number of lives includ8ng his own. Wisdom and courage I do believe are two virtues that individuals all ought to possess.

My spouse and i try to live by good persona, I think backside on all the talks myself and my Grand Dad had, and the years in the middle. I smile and want to myself, yes, I sure wish I really could be much like him.

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