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Homelessness in america globalization represents

Low income In America, Urban Sociology, Sociology Of Legislation, Globalization

Excerpt from Term Paper:

al, 1997). Therefore , outcomes similar to these types of underline how the homeless are identified by the culture at large as well as the lack of responsiveness towards the even more profound demands of the individual.

This kind of attitude is responsible for the creation of a significant approach of the issue of homelessness. This kind of included an ordinance which in turn punishes destitute people. Thus, “due to urgency from the matter, (… ) it (was) asserted that this malware must be removed from the cloth of contemporary society and companies of this disease must be prosecuted. Homeless were banned by sleeping below bridges, area benches or sidewalks” (How to eradicate homelessness, in. d. ). Therefore , destitute people are staying arrested for being found in particular areas of tourist interest, “for public urination, indecency and intoxication” (National Coalition for the Homeless, n. deb. ). However , research has stated the fact that there is discrimination between your treatment of desolate people which of visitors who take action in a similar manner (National Coalition intended for the Homeless, n. d. ). This kind of comes to explain the fact that even the applicability of the rules is made subjectively and in the light of a certain understanding the world has developed above the issue of homelessness.

However, the difference of the homeless people is often visible in how in which they are really perceived simply by those who could to a certain extent increase their possibilities of existence. more exactly, there have been situations in which desolate people were ignored for a particular placement without considering its skills. This is a direct result the way in which they are really perceived by society as well as the way in which they can be treated by the state.

The strategy for working with homeless people should be tailored in order to cater precisely with this type of problems related to the typical perception with the society and of the feasible employers. As a result, currently, the government’s approach concerning this matter focuses on providing, as mentioned prior to, temporary protection. However , this kind of fact would not improve the current condition of the destitute and it fuels the overall belief that homeless people are responsible for their state. However , should a preemptive system become set in place, the one which would contain social assistance, professional advice, and even financial support for all those in want, they would be able to reconsider their preparation and have interaction in profitable affairs that would eventually identify an improved interpersonal and monetary situations.

Considering these ideas, it can be concluded that the issue of homelessness as a interpersonal disease symbolizes the responsibility with the entire culture because it influences all its levels, through the authorities towards the public view. Most importantly nevertheless , the attitude of the culture, along using its preconceptions and misperceptions would be the actual accountable for considering homelessness a social disease.


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