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HCS 483 Final project: health care robots Essay

The da Vinci is currently the most known operative robot. It’s the only operative robot readily available for commercial use. The da Vinci robot is at use to get gynecological, prostate, and cardiac surgeries.

The da Vinci allows the surgeon to work with a digital workstation across the room from where patient is usually prepped within the operating desk. The surgeon maneuvers the robotic arms to perform the surgeries. Using the da Vinci eliminates the natural hands tremor that surgeons have got through the software program in the computer system created specifically for your function. ‘Penelope’ has been created at Columbia University by general surgeon Dr . Michael Treat with funding from the US Army’s Telemedicine and Technology Study Center, in Fort Detrick, MD (Schimpff, 2013, p. 1).

Penelope is not really currently in use but is actually a promising software on the healthcare horizon. Doctor Michael Deal with created Penelope to replace the current surgical helper that hands the doctor instruments during surgery. Penelope is equipped with electromagnetic grippers that allows for collecting the tools the doctor needs. Penelope arranges the instruments for the procedure, identifies voice orders, and by speaking can reply back to the surgeon. Pharmacy robots Pharmacy robots at present are in use for dishing out medications.

The uses are beneficial to the entire medical center staff by simply reducing medication errors, instructions are came into in by physicians applying computerized physician order entry (CPOE), and charging the price tag on the medication to the sufferers account. The ROBOT-RX happens to be in use in 34 declares around the nation. The ROBOT-Rx automated medicine dispensing program prevents medicine errors, decreases pharmacy labor, and lessens drug products on hand. The hospital pharmacy robot automates medication safe-keeping, selection, return, restock, and crediting features for 90 percent or maybe more of a hospital’s daily medication volume (ROBOT-RX, 2013, p. 1).

Telemedicine programs Remote Occurrence Virtual + Independent Telemedicine Assistant (RP-VITA) is used to aid physicians who are not on-site when a critical patient can be admitted towards the hospital. The robot is used to connect the off-site physician to the bedroom of the patient to assess the individual and give instructions to the staff for testing and medications needed for instant care. Especially useful in instant care of heart stroke patients inside the emergency office when time is crucial pertaining to the delivery of drugs.

If the medical doctor is off-site or across the hospital helping other individuals, the RP-VITA allows for more quickly face-to-face response between the medical doctor and the affected person. References Increases patient security and procedure efficiency with robotic medicine dispensing. (2013). Retrieved via Schimpff, S. C. (2013).

Robotics can better the delivery of health care. Retrieved coming from

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