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Harshness of Life Essay

Jones and Ice have equally written poetry about the harshness of life. Compare and contrast two poems, one by simply each poet person, taking consideration of the situation and colors of the speakers, and the form, structure and language which includes imagery, which will each poet uses to present the concept of the the harshness of your life in two poems you may have studied.

Frost and Thomas both write about the harshness of existence in their poems. I believe the poems Out, Out by simply Frost and The Owl by Jones best demonstrate this. Frost choosing to demonstrate this through the impact of the hard times work on just a little boy although Thomas uses an owl’s cry to connect the lifes of a solider and the poor/homeless to show the similarity within their lives. The two poets emphasise the same motif but their methods differ to provide this. It Out, Out has an threatening tone to it, the title is a estimate that Frost has used coming from Macbeth, Out, damned spot, out, this can be in reference to the scene wherever Lady Macbeth dies.

In the very beginning in the poem, Frost has established a threatening, almost tormenting tone eminently refering to the harsness of life. In comparision, functioning at Thomas’s title The Owl. Owls are regarded as solitary family pets, many civilizations, for example the Africans and the Middle section East, think that owls are harbingers of death or bad omens.

Both poets have employed their games to immediatley engage the reader into the theme of the poem. Frost usage of blank verse gives the composition more freedom within his lexical field, blank sentirse also provides Frost’s composition a matter of fact tone to this, Call this a day, If only they might possess said in the language utilized by Frost a sense is evoked that the day time is a common experience. Inside the same lines we are provided the inevitability of the kids death, this kind of line is practically a plea for whim automatically focusing on the foreboding tragedy.

Similarily Thomas uses simplistic language in a narrative tone to show the reflections of the presenter. Thomas’s The Owl offers casual ryhtm to it, the use of abcb lines keeps the movement of the poem conversational and effectively keeps the reader interested through the simplicity of reading. Although both poets differ in methods, Jones using four lined stanza’s in contrast to the blank sentirse of Ice, each depicts the theme strongly.

Frosts use of images in the rural setting, five mountain ranges creates a perception of insignifance to the young boys misfortune of losing his hand. With gentle imagery at the beginning of his poem, Under the sun far in to Vermont, the unpredictability from the accident only further features the harshness of existence. The representation used with the saw, leaped out of the kids hand, emphasises the fear of the tradgey. Within the key phrase big boy Doing a man’s work, though a child in heart, Frost chooses to exhibit us how the gruesomeness and strain with the boys car accident could quickly create been averted if this individual carried out a normal little males life. Thomas’s description from the setting may differ from Frost’s approach.

Thomas, from the beginning models a develop of desolation with the speakers state, hungry, cold, tired. The hopeless tone with the poem provides sense of reflection within the speaker. Thomas uses the owl’s cry to maintain the theme, together with his repitition of sound and syllables no cheerful note, nor cause of merriment, he shows once more the harshness of life.

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