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Haighs Chocolates Marketing Plan Brief Essay

Haigh’s Chocolate is known as a family owned Australia chocolatier based in Adelaide SOCIAL FEAR.

They focus on handmade and single origin chocolates by Australia and around the world. The organization is the most well-known family owned chocolate maker in Australia and looking to improve awareness interstate and also all over the world. Therefore , you are staying called in as a advisor to develop new marketing in order to expand the brand name. You are actually employed together of 3 – 4 (max. ) marketing consultants to help design a Marketing Plan for them.

However you will have to firstly understand the brand simply by performing a SWOT research and then designing the Promoting Mix (4P’s). Lastly, it is very important that you are able to foresee or perhaps predict potential problems you may have with making or starting the product. As a team, you are required to message your promoting plan to the class.

Haigh’s Chocolate is looking for a creative, practical and entertaining marketing strategy! Targets of the Promoting Plan: The brief There are many occasions, activities and celebrations in a year. Some of them are celebrated with chocolate! Your talking to firm has the task of developing a product, or perhaps packaging its current product selection into a merchandise especially for an event of your choice.

For instance , for Valentine’s Day you may create a bouquet of Haigh’s chocolate tulips, or a Globe Food Time chocolate exactly where proceeds check out a non-profit organization or to theme the chocolate with a local festival! Your team consider the product technique by looking in the various advertising theories educated this session. The challenge is usually to think outside the box and create a merchandise that is simple for the brand! Your report Should also entail a product or service (chocolate) design and style and a poster. You may use external images, or make use of software (e. g. Photoshop or Illustrator) to design your product.

My spouse and i you should tend to, you can also take a model to your school for display. For more information regarding Haigh’s Candy, visit http://www.haigh’ Word depend: 2500 – 3000 (+/- 10%) words and phrases Mandatory 1) Application of theory: You will need to apply marketing theories for this assignment. You can consider your book to help you to write the Marketing Prepare.

For certain guides upon writing the marketing program please make reference to Chapter 2 of your book. 2) Business presentation: You are required to present your Marketing Plan in your tutorial class to determine feedback from your tutor and peers. This will help you to improve your policy for the drafted report. 3) Template: A report template have been provided upon Moodle in this assignment.

You will need to follow the design template and go over your advertising plan appropriately. However , in order to add details, you can input it in Appendix. Do download and use accordingly. 4) Referencing: You are expected to relate to external resources for ideas, ideas or perhaps current trends.

However , you will have to apply hypotheses to your statements/claims. These will have to be justified and supported by theory. Therefore , you need to have at least your five academic sources for this job.

Textbooks are generally not considered an academic reference, and it is expected that you would refer to it. You will need to reference it if you use your textbook. You should use methods from databases such as ProQuest, Emerald, Research Direct, and so forth. 5) Format: 12pt, 1 ) 5 space.


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