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Burger King marketing & Employee Motivation Strategy Essay

INTRODUCTION This research deals that how White castle (BK) pursuing the procedures to motivate employees, how these kinds of procedures helps in achieving the targets of Burger King and influences the objectives. Hamburger is actually a parent company of White castle and it is operating worldwide. Headquarter of White castle is situated in Florida, U. S. A. It was initially established since Insta White castle in 1953. Due to hard external environment of Insta Burger King, it faces monetary problems in addition to 1954 their franchises were sold as well as its name was changed while Burger King.

At the end of 2013 it was through Burger King that it has above 13000 dispenses operating in 79 countries out of which wide range of franchises with United States, nearly 66% in United States. White castle has almost 40 subsidiaries that are functioning under the management of different countries, their procedures, financial matters and creation are regulated by the management of those Countries. (Burger King Firm, 2013). Dispenses of White castle are mostly independently owned by businessman and so they followed the SOPs provided by the Burger King Company (Christina, 2011).

A holders of Burger King dispenses has to follow the strict responsibilities and duties given by the Burger King; it includes designs of a firm, internal and external overall look, brand specifications, quality and serving of food, schooling programs and employee payment plans (Jonathan, 2011). White castle is giving license for the operators and administrators of stores to operate the franchises of Burger King in North America (Elizabeth, 2006). Now Burger King is doing work in many countries. It is applying many promotional techniques too.

It has facebook page on a social media called Facebook or myspace. Moreover it has an account in twitter as well. Burger King provides a large variety in its menu including burgers, fries, pan cakes, shakes and so forth Burger King says that all their employees are definitely the vital part of their business. Employees are the main resources of a business because that they face the customers, deals with all of them and provide services to the consumers.

To obtain good results of this employee and customer relationship, Burger King features set guidelines to give Professional training towards the employees to ensure that employees ought to use their abilities to obtain the desired goals of Burger King. Not only trainings although Burger King is usually investing on career development of employees by giving them to be able to work in diverse departments and giving a opportunity to the personnel to gloss their abilities and expertise by participating in different workshops. Feedback via employees is vital in using the positive changes in the Company, Burger King also follows this guideline and they motivate their employees to do open communication while using top supervision.

In this way satisfaction of employees increases and perhaps they are free to employ any mode of connection, which includes videos calls, meetings, Emails, voice mails and so forth Burger King motivates its employees with different advantages to engage all of them in the improvement of the firm. When staff works hard and continually makes a great difference towards the company. Employee achievement honours given to the employees working with the Burger King a lot more than five years and these types of awards receive to the personnel after every five years and reached up to fifty years.

There are other programs and awards as well that are directed at the employees at both managing and reduced to motivate the employees. RATIONALE FOR THE STUDY The research purpose is to see how motivation of workers has been maintained by organization. For this purpose Burger King is selected. This kind of research can help in beginning new research in this discipline so that the fresh researchers will certainly investigate that how the inspiration of workers results in the achievements of company, company’s growth and progress at a later date.

Organizations have to made great motivational applications for employees to get great performance from them. If workers are encouraged then they execute better, that they feel pleased with their work, so they can be committed to their particular organization too. This study will inspire organizations to motivate all their employees and understand the things that inspire them.

ORGANIZATION RESEACH QUERY What would be the contributing features, plans and programs in the company that motivate staff? To understand the phenomenon of employee inspiration of Burger King, given below concerns of analysis should be considered to make a foundation of this research. The current rewards that personnel are getting?

The way the motivation of employees can be maintained by organization? Precisely what are the companies current and future ways of motivate their workers? ANALYSIS OBJECTIVES Motivation is the challenging issue to manage and job, because of the person behavior or perhaps attitudes.

Because every individual is unique from one another, their behaviors, attitudes and desires are also diverse. For every individual the inspiring factors could possibly be different relating to their conditions as well as their priorities. One more factor could possibly be that an employee is unfit for the position he is doing or this individual has no affinity for that work. Therefore such resources and support should be provided to him so they can develop interest.

This study assignment can results in comprehending the motivation of employees given by the Burger King and which leads to overall better and very good performance. BOOKS REVIEW PRELIMINARY Literature assessment is a technique of studying published or unpublished work succumbed the journals, magazines, paper, thesis and online info to obtain references. These types of references will help in getting familiarity with the various other people’s operate and will also assist in providing support to our quarrels and judgments.

In organization’s point of view motivation means the drive pressure which creates interest in staff to continue to work hard. A encouraged employee may have capacity to continue to work hard and give good results. It also determines the employee’s effort and level of tenacity (Bernie, 2012).

Organizations need motivated staff to function. Motivated personnel help companies in their survival. Motivated staff are more effective as they find out when they will probably be productive they will get incentive for it (Bowen & Radhakrishna, 1991). Encouraged employees can also be quality focused. They locate different specific manners to do the work.

There are many factors that could aid in motivating staff. The initially and most essential aspect is task design. Good-job design will definitely results in creating the positive inspiration of workers.

The design of task can have a significance impact on worker motivation. When a job is challenging and various interesting responsibilities are involved in it then employee could possibly be motivated enough to do it. Task design approaches are 4 in quantity: job augmentation, job copie, job richness and work rotation (Bernie, 2012). Standardization and field of expertise of the operate is known as task simplification. Job simplification results in motivating employees because they have clearly discovered tasks.

Although sometimes Work simplification would not helps in creating motivation intended for the employees since it may result in boring of employee getting into the same task again and again. A large variety of numerous tasks to perform by the employees, so that worker can have got interest in the job and may result in motivation of employees, this phenomenon is referred to as Job Enlargement. Job rotation helps to push workers to different tasks and departments after a specific time frame to maintain all their interest and motivation to work. Job enrichment aims to enhance the actual job by introducing diverse motivational elements (Bernie, 2012). Large numbers of research are conducted to see the influence of task design processes to motivate workers.

Job design and style questionnaire was used to study the effect of Work design in motivating employees by Campion and Thayer (1985) and the result of their very own study has shown that careers having proper Job design and style will lead to motivate the employees and staff will have significantly less problem in executing the work needed for a job and fewer health complaints. Hackman (1980) conducted a study and outcomes shown that redesigning a job will surely qualified prospects in providing good production, increase the quantity of work and motivation in employees. Job Enlargement or Job Enrichment is the main instrument to do this.

This is certainly a human nature that this individual always determined when he knows that his work is useful and worthwhile. Motivation likewise comes from the sense of acknowledgement and respect. Advantages are another type of motivation.

Innate reward and extrinsic praise are primary two types of rewards. Rewards that are interior like feeling good harm to something, perception of achievement is known as intrinsic rewards. Extrinsic rewards will be external just like incentives, additional bonuses, increments and so forth (Fair & Silvestri, 1992). When specific goals are set for employees then they likewise produce good performance and feel encouraged as they experience themselves a significant asset of organization.

Many researchers been employed by to investigate the effectiveness of reward within the motivation of employees. Touch, Cameron, Banko and So (2003) researchers have got arranged an investigation to get the actual idea that how extrinsic rewards given by the organization creates an effect on employee’s motivation. That they found that folks who received rewards for performance were determined intrinsically and others who acquiring rewards are not motivated in any way. Another examine on the same subject was conducted by Wiersma (1992). He found that extrinsic benefits are important and in addition they increase motivation.

Dobre (2013) argued that empowerment and recognition are definitely the factors that increase inspiration of worker. Employees happen to be motivated on getting personal strength and appreciation which results in good performance of employees. Agencies should try to provide empowerment and appreciation for the employees so that they can perform well.

Bartol and Martin (1998) analyzed that motivation is a highly effective tool to get very good performance in the employees. Kalimullah (2010) argued that a determined employee sets his attempts for the progress of organization. Sara et ing. (2004) recommended that good salaries are the the very first thing in inspiring employees. Workers are also determined through great leadership (Baldoni, 2005). Working environment is also another factor for employee inspiration.

If corporation provides a great working environment to their employees then your employees truly feel motivated and happy to operate that business. Many Psychological theories also talks about determination. Most important theory is Maslow’s need structured theory (1954) that suggests that there are different levels of requires and on each level when need is achieved the person is motivated. The levels in the structure of Maslow are physiological needs, basic safety needs, belongings needs, self-pride needs and self-actualization requirements.

Alderfer (1972) suggested there are three will need levels, existence, relatedness and growth. This individual said that completion of these needs makes a person motivated. Herzberg (2003) even more worked on Maslow’s theory and modified it by saying that there are two areas of will need that motivates employees.

Care and motivators are two need areas. Hygiene’s are believed as motivators of low level which includes insurance plan of a company, compensation strategy, working environment and employee-employer relationship. The inspiration has a dangerous in factors. These elements include achievements, responsibility, growth and advancement.

In the event that managers need to be effective and need progress in business, then the manager should know the basics of determination and the other ways to inspire the employees. By making use of these they can be able to generate different motivational strategies to keep their staff engaged in work and inspire them to work even better. ANALYSIS METHODOLOGY Research methodology is usually process or perhaps way by which a research will be conducted.

You will discover different types of options for research. The method is being picked by the investigator according to the theme and feasibility to collect data as well. Success of a research is directly proportionate to the strategy selected to conduct an investigation. Types of methodologies get below: QUANTITATIVE METHOD This mainly works with the numerical data or perhaps empirical analysis by using statistical or statistical tools of research.

Primary objective of quantitative method is to use mathematical models to get results. This can be a large and random picked process. Variety of data can be done with the help of questionnaires, telephone chat, mail, interview, experiment, and surveys. QUALITATIVE METHOD Qualitative research is regarding the solid knowing of the specific firm or occasion, rather than surface information of the population having a large sample. It further more helps in receiving information related to human groups in normal or interpersonal environment.

Collection of data is totally different in qualitative approach, because in qualitative technique data is somewhat more subjective than quantitative and human actions are retained in account while collecting the data. Every single emotions and behaviors of human ought to be recorded to ensure that researcher may get the exact answer of surveys takers. Techniques mainly used in collecting the data will be interviews, target group, circumstance studies, person interview, items and images. COMBINED METHOD OR COMBINED TECHNIQUE It is a mixture of both quantitative and qualitative methods.

It’s the best way in looking into the critical issues since researchers can easily apply both methods to improve results. Merged method gives analysis of how the organizations maintain the motivation of their employees. For this purpose Burger King Company is being selected.

Employing or featuring motivation towards the employees can be not an easy work, in a similar manner to do research on it a great deal of information is necessary. RESEARCH APPROACHES Research technique is known as a criteria to finish the research. Exploration technique has several steps and they are given below: Exploration design and method.

Testing. Data collection. Data research. Outcome of research. In mixed approach researcher uses both qualitative and quantitative method for getting more accurate consequence.

The process of analysis will go throughout the given steps. Researcher will require the approval of the concerned authority along with of individuals that they are happy to participate in the research. SAMPLING Sampling is the method in which researcher finalize which is the sample of the analysis, or who will be the participants.

Sampling is method or strategy of suited sample or perhaps information collection for study. There are a lot of types of testing like straightforward random assortment, snowball testing, convenient sampling, systematic sample, quota sample etc . In today’s study straightforward random sample technique is being utilized as it is an effective way of sampling in which every individual has an equal chance of assortment. With the help of this we can get data full of dependability but it requires more money to carry out the process.

INFO COLLECTION Info collection may be the process through which information will be collected from the sample. The data collection starts when you decide your sample. It primarily deals with the preparation and collection of data from diverse pool of knowledge and sources. It is the main element for research work.

Data should be accumulated from trusted sources and from individuals who are willing to give information. Those who are not happy to provide data and forcefully do it then the data could be faked. Mainly there are two types of data: Principal data and Secondary info.

PRIMARY DATA: It is a collection of data directly from the people in the field and known as first hand info. This info is always fresh and trusted as well as it gives you an accurate information needed to gather from the sample. This type of info collection requires a large amount of purchase and period, researcher might use both ways to collect the information including qualitative and quantitative.

SECONDARY INFO: It is a collection of data by books, periodicals, newspaper, twelve-monthly reports, and internet or perhaps through another sources and so forth and it is certainly not first hand data. It can be archival data that is certainly already present and you are applying that. This type of data collection is less expensive and fewer time consuming although mostly it will not gives correct information required for the research. From this research, major data will be collected that may comprise of the two qualitative and quantitative technique.

EXECUTION WITH THE PROJECT Following the completion of and watching data collection, a demand letters pertaining to specialist to authenticate the devices will be sent to these people. Results were cross checked by simply researcher. In analyzing quality consequences the researcher wanted the help of a statistics person to check that data is usually properly computed and evaluated or certainly not.


To get the best result of this kind of research the two Statistical and qualitative techniques will be used. To evaluate the null theory with the research statistical technique to be used and the normal deviation, mean will be used in which needed. LIMITATIONS AND RESTRICTIONS OF THE PROPOSED RESEARCH This kind of research handles the employee’s motivation and employees should certainly perform for the betterment of an firm. This research is a mixture of many different aspects and subjects which can be Psychology, being human and Sociology.

So it is necessary that the relationship between each one of these aspects and subjects needs to be aligned to one another and should end up being according to rightful classification. It may cause some obstacles due to difficult routine of employees, challenges in timings and other external factors. They all should be take away with the help of experts and thesis should be defended with the help of great and trustworthy sources.

RECOMMENDED FURTHER RESEARCH ACTIVITY Additional studies can be executed to find out the effect of extrinsic and inbuilt rewards on motivation. Furthermore the relationship among performance of job and organizational determination by performing interviews of management level as well as recognized level.

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