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Greek mythology and perseus article

California king Acrisius of Argos contains a stunningly gorgeous daughter nevertheless wants a son, thus he prays to the gods. Apollo explains to him not only that Acrisius will not have a son, although also that the son of his child will get rid of him. The only way to fully stop this prediction would be to eliminate his girl, Danae, but Acrisius concerns what the gods would do to him. Instead, this individual imprisons Danae in a fermeté house with out a roof and guards her carefully.

Arcisius does not expect, however , that Zeus may come to her and impregnate her.

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Perseus comes into the world, and after Acrisius discovers the child, he sets Perseus and Danae within a box and sets it in the ocean. Luckily (or thanks to Zeus), the box washes up on a small island, where a kind fisherman named Dictys takes Danae and Perseus in. That they live gladly until Dictys’s brother, Ruler Polydectes, falls in love with Danae and decides to remove her kid.

Polydectes convinces Perseus to get rid of the Medusa, a horrifying beast with snakes pertaining to hair. Yet this accomplishment seems impossible because whomever looks at the snakes will turn instantly to stone.

Hermes gives Perseus advice and a sword more robust than the Medusa’s scales. He tells Perseus that to fight the Medusa Perseus will need exceptional equipment through the Nymphs with the North. Their very own location is known as a mystery, and Perseus need to ask the grey Women, 3 sisters who live in a gray land and are gray themselves. They will share merely one eye among the list of three, and they alternate using it. Before Perseus sets out to locate them, Athena provides him her shield and tells him that he must look at the Medusa through the safeguard, like a mirror, in order to avoid embracing stone.

Perseus finds the Gray Women and steals the eyeball, holding it hostage in return for the location of the Nymphs of the North. Hermes assists Perseus travel there, where he finds a land of happy people, always feasting and remembering. They give him his 3 gifts: winged sandals, a magic finances that changes to the size of no matter what its items, and, most important of all, a magic cover that will switch whoever has on it hidden. With Hermes and Athena at his side, Perseus finds and kills Medusa. He sets the head in his wallet and flies, hidden, back toward his mother.

On the way, this individual passes a beautiful woman chained to a ordinary, Andromeda, and falls in like with her instantly. Your woman was chained there since her foolish mother acquired thought very little more amazing than virtually any goddess, so as punishment the gods informed her to chain her daughter to a mountain, where she would be consumed by a serpent. Perseus gets rid of the serpent and usually takes Andromeda house. When he returns to the isle, he finds that Danae and Dictys have gone into hiding mainly because Danae is not going to marry Polydectes. The evil king, in the mean time, is hosting a banquet with all his supporters.

Perseus barges in and holds up the top of Medusa. Unable to appear away over time, all the males turn to stone. Perseus finds his mom, makes Dictys king, and marries Andromeda. Optimistic, Perseus and Danae return to Argos to find her father, King Acrisius. They hope that his center has warmed since he put them in a box to be able to sea, when they reach Argos they will realize that this individual fled the land. Eventually, Perseus competes in a discus-throwing contest. His disc veers far aside and lands on a spectator in the crowd, killing him instantly. This is Acrisius, in fulfillment of Apollo’s prediction.


This kind of famous tale underscores the inescapable character of destiny and prophecies in the course of informing a hero’s story. Though Acrisius required drastic actions to change future, short of killing his individual daughter they can do nothing to avoid his destiny. Perseus is actually strong to become kept straight down and on a great island, so it is fitting that his fortune is to embark on adventures and quests and to be helped by gods. He matches the brave model of an honorable person overcoming almost all obstacles to reunite his family and carry out justice. It really is interesting to note that the tale does not reveal whether destiny or Zeus guided Perseus’s box to the island.

As with the Creation of The planet, the reader need to wonder that is in charge. Do they offer a difference between fate and Zeus, of course, if so , what is that boundary? Who controls Zeus’s fate? To the level that Zeus does help Perseus, the story likewise illustrates the advantages that come with honorable behavior. Zeus, Hermes, and Athena almost all help Perseus at essential moments, enabling him to successfully total his tasks. Perseus, of course , contributes to his own achievement as well. Hospitality again shows to be precious by the gods: Dictys, the fisherman, turns into king.

In this manner, the story illustrates that superb people can easily have very humble beginnings. Baucis and Philemon, the most obvious examples of very humble hospitality, share with Dictys a selflessness that ultimately the gods prize. The gods shower these kinds of humble heroes with material wealth, but why? If humility and selflessness are very important, why will physical wealth be the appropriate reward? Perhaps the answer lies in the circumstance of this sort of physical wealth and what it takes to the heroes. As Perseus deals with the grey Women, we see the imaginative nature of Greek mythology.

These distinctive characters, sharing one eyesight, all shades of gray, previous in the reader’s mind and expand the universe that the mythology depicts. Moreover, when Perseus truly defeats all of them, the story highlights the repeating theme of man ingenuity. Perseus, of course , stands as a premiere example of Traditional heroism. This individual overcomes most obstacles to protect his along with exact payback. He shows honorable and valiant, quiet and clever. As he battles for his mother’s esteem and desires for his estranged father’s take pleasure in, he ideals family and devotion above all else.

Medusa, by contrast, is one of the most famous mythological beings. In her circumstance, it is not splendor but ugliness that causes concerns for the observer. She is so bad that one direct look at her turns a person to stone. Medusa is a immediate contrast for the many amazing characters (Adonis, Narcissus) who have appear through the entire tales. From this story, just as other tales of heroes, the Ancient greek myths become adventure reports with remarkable drama, high-stakes, and creative characters. Such adventures and quests produce eachstory live on throughout time as astounding literature that captures each of our imagination.


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