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Gay marital life in culture the term paper

Gay Marriage, Gay Parenting, Homosexuality, Same Sex Marriage

Excerpt from Term Daily news:

Since Sullivan talks about, that advice is completely inconsistent with the fact that U. S. law allows marriages between elderly couples, infertile lovers, and among individuals who decide to remain childless by decision.

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Sullivan additional explains that permitting homosexual marriage could benefit world by reducing homophobia through providing a positive message to young people who happen to be lgbt. Currently, that they suffer from pity and low self-esteem mainly because of the way that they need to hide all their preference from other peers and because they undergo discrimination and persecution for revealing that. Finally, Sullivan suggests that the half-way approach of allowing for domestic partnerships and city unions permits more legal complications in connection with defining membership and individual rights where such lovers break up.

Argument Against Gay Marriage

Expenses Bennett (1996) expresses the argument against legalizing homosexual marriage. This individual suggests that marital life is a widespread institution that is consistently understood to be a marriage between a man and a woman all over the world. Bennett argues that the same argument promoting same-sex marital life would likewise allow relationships between friends as well as between larger groups of individuals than couples. Bennett suggests that legalizing same-sex relationship would allow gay and lesbian couples similar adoption legal rights as traditional couples and claims which the evidence indicates that being raised simply by same-sex father and mother is not beneficial to kids.

According to Bennett, the institution of marriage has already been faced with enough problems just like skyrocketing rates of infidelity and divorce; he states that married gay males (in particular) are less likely to be sexually monogamous than married heterosexual men and that allowing homosexual marriage would, therefore , only further maximize marital cheating in contemporary society.


It can be understandable for what reason traditional-minded persons would oppose same-sex matrimony. On the other hand, the argument pertaining to same-sex matrimony seems stronger than the counterargument, especially when 1 considers the legal irrelevance of biblical concepts, and the logical irrelevance of the procreation argument. Probably the strongest debate supporting homosexual marriage may be the growing recognition in American society which the objection to same-sex marital life so closely parallels the arguments once made against interracial matrimony in the United States.

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