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Gang assault and substance abuse essay

Gangs in the United States have grown to be more violent and fatal than

ever. Thousand of people are about to die each year via these ill-mannered

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thugs. In todays communities gang activity is a day to day occurrence

if it includes violence, drugs, loss of life or any against the law activity in

which they participate. The research that I have done will concentrate on

how the offering of drugs by gangs members can lead to violence/death and

how turf wars between compete with gang could also lead to fatality.

In recent years the selling of medication has increased in the wonderful world of gang

associates. It is their particular primary cost effective way to obtain money to back up

themselves and their family. To do so , they are really destroying lenders

lives. Team members will minimize at nothing to sell their very own drugs to get a

profit, regardless if it means that they need to hurt or perhaps kill an individual. They

will sell drugs to anyone as long as they make their money.

A company member will need to have street expertise and have the skill to protect

themselves as well as all their profit. This sort of activity is incredibly

dangerous in front of large audiences, innocent

bystanders and even the gang member themselves. There are many ways that

this activity is usually dangerous.

Bunch members may possibly front (give the customer a few drugs through which they have

a particular time to repay the cost of the drugs back) the drug to a

buyer whom they believe to be a dedicated customer. This is

deadly in the event the customer

does not pay the gang member back. In the event the front is usually not paid back the bunch

member or maybe the whole company will come looking for the person whom owes

money. The bunch members can hunt down and hurt or perhaps go as far as

kill the person the first chance they get in the event the person is located. If

they cant get the person they are going to go the extra mile and threaten to

kill somebody in the person family. They want to make it known which a

payment arrives and rapidly.

If a team or a affiliate is jacked (drugs stolen, usually for gunpoint)from

somebody else, gang or perhaps junkie, this too is an automatic death sentence.

Bande are always secured (armed) and ready for something that might move

wrong. All their number one priority is always to preserve the drugs wellness and

to ease their quantity of drug to generate a profit. If the person

interferes with this process they are really interfering

with the business. Meaning they have to undergo the consequences

that could follow by it.

While a bunch is in the means of selling prescription drugs they must keep in mind

who they are advertising it to. Gang member must have the expertise in

spotting an undercover cops or penitential crack head(junkie who will do

anything to obtain their fix). Most gangs do not like cops or because they would

call them swines. If a police officer is trying to be able to the bande procedures in the

drug transact the police official is a proclaimed target (bulls eye for any

bullet). Junkies often make an effort to pull a fast one to score(get the drug).

These people are desperate and will go thing to get their correct. They

is going to rob and steal from a team member. They know the result but

that they still continue trying. All their mind is very clouded from all the medicine

abuse that they dont attention whether they live or expire trying to get the

drug. Junkies are like pest to a team member. They are really always annoying

them to get a score. Gang member hate that and because of this they will topple

them away (kill them). It draws to very much attention and once you draw

attention individuals are sure to arrive running to see what going on

especially cops.

Additionally to bande and how the selling of drug contributes to death, gangs

as well as others die because of turf breach. Gangs include a specific

turf they spend time in. The turfs consist of streets, prevents and

hangouts. These turfs are well guarded and taken care of and prohibit

outsiders to unless they are a potential buyer for medications. If any

member of a rival bunch shall enter it is a ground for termination

(death). The turf is a gangs place.

Gangs utilize turfs pertaining to drug trafficking. That is one of the main

reasons why they cannot like competitor gang to. If the compete with gangs

would have been to take over their turf they would eventually reduce all of their

medication customers which means simply no income. These kinds of turfs happen to be vital for a

gangs survival.

If a company or someone else violate the norms of your gangs lawn there is a

hefty price to pay. Physical violence will push through and all terrible will break loose.

There were rival gangs that have broken the grass codes of another

bunch and as a result there was gang combat. Gangs is going to do any thing

feasible to keep their turf crystal clear from other to whom do not are supposed to be there.

They are going to beat you to death, stab you and

also shoot and try to kill all of them. If they cannot kill all of them while they

were breaking their territory they will pass through their hood (turf

zone) and get back against all of them. Usually they will retaliate by a drive by

shooting. A drive by shooting is usually when company members move through

one other gangs neighborhood turf and shoot that gun from the car in which

they can be riding in to kill the rival gang or at least injury them. When

they are doing this it is presume to represent an obvious statement: Stay

away from and out of our turf specific zones.

From reading and researching this subject I found this interesting how

gangs have interaction and how physical violence is a great every day event in a team

members lifestyle. While I was researching the material I had to quit a

few time and imagine of how bunch member can live how they

do. With all the current shooting, stabbing and people declining how can a gang

affiliate sleep during the night knowing that they could be next. To live in this

kind of environment has to be terrifying.

I use learned that medications play a really big part in a gangs survival. The

drugs generate an income that gets them by. I notice that a lot of bunch

members possess nice things such as nice garments, jewelry, sneakers and great

cars but they live in an unhealthy neighborhood with run down housing

and have no means of moving on to a better and much clean one. I

wonder for what reason that is?

I really believe that bande affect individual development. Folks are affected by

their irresponsible activities. The ordinary people who want to live life

to the fullest find it difficult doing so since gangs interrupt that

circuit by their frame of mind and by all their violent activities. People are frightened

of them and dont wish to come into contact because they fear for

lives. They will wont also pass through their very own neighborhood since they

dont want any trouble.

Businesses suffer because of gangs. They reduce business and customers and

as a result the business enterprise may have to close down. The neighborhood the

gangs live in are worth nothing at all on the marketplaces because they are all run

down and in a neighborhood that is certainly considered a negative section of city.

There is no prosperity in selling the neighborhood because there is zero

one thinking about buying this. The reason is since the fact that it is

gang territory and that it can be run down. Bande affect a large number of people and

their lives and will still do so because I believe that they will

always exist and they will under no circumstances come to a end individuals are

sucked into this kind of lifestyle daily.

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