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Frank mccandless essay

People travel and leisure into the crazy prepared to face the worst; they do not desire to encounter a deadly scenario. The man in Jack London’s “To Make a Fire” entered the frosty prepared for free, he believed that he was above nature and it may not have an effect on him. Bob McCandless in Jon Krakauer’s “Into The Wild” went into the untamed unprepared pertaining to the conditions he was about to confront. As a individual who read the articles of Jack port London, his death appears somewhat satrical.

“To Develop a Fire” by simply Jack Birmingham brings out however, what is strange even more, we see how Greater london wrote and how it pertains to how Frank died.

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Philip McCandless is actually a person who would not believe in guidelines of society. He thought that he was above rules. He possibly felt he could beat nature; he went into the wild expecting to come out alive while he lived on what nature gave him. “Alaska is definitely a magnetic for dreamers and misfits, people who believe the unsullied enormity from the Last Frontier will plot all the slots in their lives” (Krakauer, 6).

This is just what Chris was trying to do when he entered the Alaskan wilderness. He wanted to escape the rules and suffering this individual faced in society.

Rick Gallien recalled, “He had not been carrying everywhere near all the food and gear as you’d expect someone to be holding for that kind of trip” (Krakauer, 5). The person in “To Build a Fire” went to get meet his friends in the cold with nothing to shield him or perhaps keep him warm other than the outfits on his backside, and your dog that followed him. Bob and the person both went into the backwoods underprepared for the problems they would encounter. Chris browse Jack London throughout his life, this individual knew about his reports and this can be how this individual learned about the beauty of the Alaskan wilderness, but as he examine he really should have also discovered of the hazards.

Even though he read these stories by Jack Birmingham he nonetheless went into the wild unsuspecting. Chris McCandless spent most of his lifestyle in a nice climate. He was born in California, were raised in Va, and traveled to college in Georgia. Philip has never experienced anything relatively close to the Alaskan climate. Through reading testimonies about persons experiencing the Alaskan wilderness Philip should have learned all about the dangers that individuals faced inside the cold temperature. The person was not fearful of the cold at all, he felt like he was above it and ended up dying.

This shows the dangers of undermining the climate with the north and Chris would the same. This individual tried to eat only of the property that was barren. The man was not interested in “the absence of sun from the sky, the tremendous chilly, and the strangeness and weirdness of it all—made no impression on the man” (London). The person in “To Build a Fire” was a portrayal of logical thinking, and how people in society believe mankind is somewhat more powerful compared to the world. This kind of thinking was evident in Chris’s your life.

He believed that having been above the regulations of the authorities. He did what he wanted, “On December two, he come to the Morelos Dam as well as the Mexican border. Worried that he would be denied admittance because he was carrying not any identification, he sneaked in Mexico by paddling through the dam’s wide open floodgates and shooting the spillway below” (Krakauer, 25). There are resemblances between the attributes of the guy and Frank McCandless. Chris’s death was not ironic but the reason he died was ironic.

To generate a Fire” is a tale about a man who is an extremely rational thinker who passed away because he sensed he was much better than nature and it could not kill him, the dog he traveled with lived because it relied about instincts. Philip went into the wild having a mindset such as this man’s way of thinking. This is what brought out the irony of Chris’s death, he was an avid reader of Jack London, uk and by studying his reports he really should have been able to conclude that in order to survive with this climate this individual needed to be even more prepared for difficult scenarios than he was.


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