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Ford electric motor company swot and approach swot

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Excerpt coming from SWOT:

Ford Electric motor Company is definitely facing the task of a changing external environment in the long-run. In the short-run, business will certainly continue pretty much as usual, but also in the method to long haul the company confronts technological alterations that will make electrical cars popular, and will present driverless vehicles to the roadways, which will be a transformative creation for society, one that may only be a couple of years away (Hars, 2016). Additional, the costs connected with burning non-renewable fuels are likely to turn, in particular the opportunity of carbon taxes, consumer denial of burning carbon dioxide and a gradual move in the 1st half of the 21st century towards different types of vehicles. Ford will likely need to examine the long-run effects of these styles to the business, and seek to find the correct long-run strategy to build around for the future.

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Ford Electric motor Company can be described as leading producer of vehicles. Operating worldwide, Ford offers one of the planet’s most widely-recognized brands. However , the company has enjoyed most of its latest success with larger vehicles such as their pickup trucks and crossovers (Morningstar, 2016), and it is an industry laggard when it comes to electric power vehicles and driverless technology. Ford has to examine what its part will be in the automobile sector in the 21st century, and start taking procedure for position itself in the wanted role. A part of that requires deciding how environmentally friendly their current model really is.


Kia has a number of strengths on what to attract. It functions globally, making and selling in dozens of countries. Their 7. 6% global business ranks it fourth in the world in a fragmented market (Statista, 2015). The business has one of the world’s best brands, ranked 38th on the globe by Interbrand, 5th between automakers (Interbrand, 2015). These strengths derive largely coming from historic eras, however , once Ford was a dominant gamer in the U. S. and expanded all over the world. In more modern times, these strong points have been lowered by the number of different new players in the auto market. The company still has prominence in one market – pickup trucks in North America – which base of strength has kept it afloat through some normally trying years.

Ford includes a set of weak points that is challenging it. 1st, it is highly-leveraged, and its salary and income are volatile (MSN Moneycentral, 2016). This kind of creates a degree of financial concern around the organization. While it can easily borrow in low costs today, it really is vulnerable to a rise in interest rates, as expected inside the coming year or so (Robb, 2016). Another weak spot is that the company has in the past been sluggish to adjust to changing instances. In recent years, the company has desired to eliminate this kind of weakness, like a lack of creativity was offered as one of the explanations why the company experienced a financial crisis in 2009. Therefore while creativity remains a weakness, the strength of that weak spot has been diminishing in recent years throughout the company’s work to improve the innovative features (Enderle, 2016).

There are a number of opportunities available in the market. Increased riches in many expanding nations provides with it a desire for more cars, an opportunity Kia can take advantage of. Furthermore, Honda can influence its distribution channels plus the value of its business to take above firms which can be innovating – acquiring innovation might help Ford close the innovation difference more quickly. A 3rd opportunity for Honda is that that still has money cows in the roster, and it might just want to milk all those a while much longer.

There are several threats to Honda, however. The global marketplace has taken Ford

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