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Characteristics associated with an entrepreneur

Donald Overcome, J. K. Rowling

Why this individual chose to turn into an entrepreneur

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Donald Trumps father, Sally Trump was a very successful man inside the real estate sector which is what influenced him to enter that industry and follow in his fathers actions. Donald Overcome then proceeded to buying his own properties, accommodations, golf training etc . During his your life he has pursued various other industries and career pathways such as television hosting, producing his very own books and politics which led him to being elected as the forty fifth president of the United States in 2016.

Characteristics of an businessman

Donald Trump has a charismatic persona and just one way of getting people on his side which can be what made him been able to successfully own above 500 businesses. This attribute is also what put him into presidency. His additional qualities eclipse the success he made. He has become identified as someone who is racist, sexist, xenophobic and homophobic which has induced a lot of hate to him by many people people in and outside of the United States. When people speak badly on his actions and words that he says, this individual does not acknowledge the truth and retaliates by simply speaking desperately to and about them, by way of example how he refers to his political opponent Hillary Clinton as Uneven Hillary.

Difference/role this businessman has made/played

Though Donald Overcome has been successful as a businessman and continues to be elected and supported by citizens of the United States, you may still find many individuals that publicy hate him and speak against him as a result of his character. He has offended many people worldwide who usually do not support him

Why she chose to turn into an entrepreneur

Joanne Rowlings parents loved reading catalogs which motivated her love for reading and her dreams of attempting to write her own eventually and had written fer first book at the age of six. What really made her pursue composing and becoming a writer was the moment she was unemployed, elevating a child onto her own and was clinically depressed and suicidal.

Features of a very good entrepreneur

Joanne Rowling persevered when confronted with adversity. She was refused several times by book publishers but despite this, she kept seeking until finally, she received her publication published. The girl with creative and talented about what she truly does and now has many people worldwide knowing her name because of her famous Harry Knitter Series.

Difference/role this businessman made/played

JK Rowling is a woman that many admire. Her tale inspires other folks to work harder for their achievement even when it seems like as if every odds are against you. She has a ability and passion intended for writing and stroytelling and turned that into a career which has helped bring her a wonderful amount of recognition and success. Her novels and stories will be loved by a large number of all over the world due to how she manages to captivate you into the literature. The Harry Potter movie series were a huge achievement that have been viewed by many people.

Reasons for getting an entrepreneur

Patruce Motsepes father presented him to entrepreneurship by a young age group through him runnjng a little spaza store to sell liquor to acquire workers. He then grew up to stidy a law degree and got provided a jop position being a south africa law firm, Bowman Filfillan. Patrice Motsepe was a visiting attorney to McGuire Woods law firm in thr USA in which he met with mining organizations and found a great interest in their job and started studying the mining organization industry. This individual saw a lot of opportunities inside the mining market that few had observed at the time and decided to start off his individual mining organization called Foreseeable future Mining.

Difference/role this businessperson has made/played

In the time the early point in his career, the price of gold was falling and Patruce Motsepe strategized a way to overcome this challenge and was effective in doing thus within the 1st year of taking over the mines. By using Anglo Platinum eagle, Patrice Motsepe created a significant platinum creating company in South Africa which can be known as Modikwa.

Characteristics of an entrepreneur

Patrice Motsepe can be identified a strong, driven, hard working, passionate businessman. This individual has a desire to grow and pay attention to and is the ris taker who aims for what he wants to accomplish.

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