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Feasibility study dissertation


As we all know Guimaras is known as the breeder and export from the sweetest mangoes in the world. A lot of countries have tried to grow and grow mangoes although no one can ever do the same even with the aid of latest technology that we get today so the city of Guimaras can happily claim the title of having the sweetest mangoes. Therefore the advocates chose Guimaras as its inspiration, thus, develop a product that wishes to exhibit their niche ” the mangoes.

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After series of conceptualizing, the proponents produce the word “MANGGAMAZING as its business name. This kind of name can be comprised of two words, MANGGA and AMAZING primarily since the business’ idea is focused upon mango on its own. The first word Mangga is a vernacular term pertaining to mangoes that can be commended inside the introduction, as the second word, Amazing means great speculate, surprising and remarkable and so the name Manggamazing is the mixture of these terms that certainly suit the product’s quality.

In general, the identity “MANGGAMAZING basically describes the merchandise and the spectacular work for exceptional and satisfaction the supporters wishes to share.


Manggamazing smoothies are drinks made and served for refreshment. They are mainly made out of fresh, ripe mangoes which can be antioxidants that protect the body against bowel, breast, leukemia, and prostatic cancers. Mangoes are abundant with vitamin C, pectin, and fibers that help to lower serum lipid disorders levels. Mangoes help you unclog your tiny holes and add freshness to the encounter. These are suitable to any skin type. Mangoes help promote good eye sight, fights dry eyes and in addition prevent night blindness because it is rich in vitamin A. Mangoes also consists of enzymes for breaking down necessary protein, and the dietary fiber found in it can help digestion and elimination.

Manggamazing offers not only smoothies made with mangoes but it is addedwith banana, manga and melons, and pineapple. Bananas will be terrific heart-healthy food and good method to obtain potassium, fiber content, manganese and vitamins B6 & C. Melons however, help prevent cancers, stroke, and heart disease, likewise good for digestive function, and give improve of energy. Pineapples contain brome lain, a great enzyme that may help arthritis pain by simply reducing irritation. They are also an excellent source of supplement C, which helps strengthen your immune system. The products give a healthy and balanced boost and refreshment obviously.

Smoothies are usually mixed with non-fat milk, 0% fat yogurt, and will employ sweeteners instead of sugar. As a whole the item is a guilt free drink because of all its nutrition and low level of sweets. The proponents are:



Our company “Manggamazing bears the vision of providing healthful, fresh manga smoothies with added flavours of various other nutritious fruits while maintaining responsibility to uncompromised quality while using heartening goal to serve society’s needs and desires and regular change in existence. The business also opted to produce guilt-free drinks that will absolutely rejuvenate the mind and body system, hence changing and beginning people’s mind on a new side of style to remaining healthy and fit. Finally, the company’s perspective is to be the front-runner in the industry and help cultural and economic growth.


Manggamazing should give a top quality, exceptional and reasonably priced items in the drink industry that provides healthy and nutritious smoothies that will certainly satisfy the urges of every customer. The people lurking behind this product likewise aim to enhance the nationwide fruit of the Philippines ” the mangoes to be known worldwide. To the world, the company’s process is which makes them health conscious in a unique way.

Short term goal

Manggamazing short-run objective should be to focus on performance in themarketplace every day and needs of the consumers and customers. Have courage to modify course as needed and continue to be responsive. And after we bring in it and known simply by everyone, Manggamazing will have a higher cost of revenue. Improve income and produce performance.

Long term Objective

The Manggamazing long-term objective after 3-5 years will attack the malls in case the profits happen to be obtained. It is going to create a large number of job chances for the branches that require manpower such as crew, server etc . The merchandise will have a TV commercial and a foundation that will support by manggamazing so that the merchandise will be regarded and it will be operational for franchising. Develop and expand into new industry, and they are now able to produce and manufacture new items. Expand in new international markets to tap new sources of development and to achieve better marketplace diversification. That aims for success and pleasure of customers.


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