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Exactly why is health a social concern essay


You could well think and ask, health issues are concerned just with the physical condition of your body system, why may one’s illness have anything to do with the society? Nevertheless , one’s health issue can affect the society in various ways, for instance , alcohol abuse and obesity that decrease the well-being. On the other hand, wellness of a person does heavily depend on the traits from the society which includes standard of living and inequalities. In other words, not only your health can affect world but cultural issues possess impact on people’s health also.

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In this article, I will be concentrating on how your health problems interrelate with the culture.

Healthy and Unhealthy individuals

According to World Well being Organization, wellness is a point out of finish physical, mental and sociable well-being. Wellness is quite a general term wherever it is hard to define if the person is healthy or perhaps not. “We need only reveal that it is quite meaningful to ask someone ‘Do you feel unwell? ‘, however it would be quite absurd to ask someone ‘Do you feel healthy and balanced? ‘ Overall health is not only a condition that one introspectively seems in oneself.

Alternatively, it is a condition of being involved, of being in the world, of being as well as one’s many other human beings, of active and rewarding diamond with one’s everyday responsibilities. (Gadamer 1996: 113) Consequently , society works well rely on their health a lot.

When Personal Health Issue Influences the Contemporary society

To determine whether a person is usually healthy or perhaps not, it can be of much dependant on the individual’s lifestyle. Irrespective of those healthy and balanced individuals who help the society in positive methods, such as operating effectively that could raise the overall economy status of any country. The consequence of bad individual lifestyle including drinking and smoking can be seen, not just in individuals, nevertheless also inside our society in general. Problems is visible as beneath.

Alcohol Abuse

Studies have shown that in 95 alone, nearly 14 mil Americans will be dependent on alcohol and about five thousand persons died from alcohol abuse. Not only the problem of abusing alcoholic beverages is having an impact, injuries and illnesses happen to be costing a lot in the medical, lost efficiency at work and economic burden. In the U. K, it had been estimated that alcohol makes a contribution to00 almost 65% of all suicides. Despite all the outcomes that could cost within an individual, persons drink a lot of take a additional toll on families; specifically to those parents who happen to be addicted to alcohol will established a bad model to the children and might leads to abusing their own children, make crimes and go to penitentiary; which in turn, all of these will impact the development of a young child.


Additionally, obesity has become increasingly known as one of the most significant public health challenges. According to the International Obesity Process Force, studies have shown that 1 . several billion with the world’s population was overweight or obese. Change in scale home equipment, the need for car manufacturers to enlarge how big the car seats in car to accommodate the people in growing size, for instance , are all required. As a result, the moment everything turns into bigger, the material that is used will consequently improve the cost, which then passes on to the consumer. Consequently, while persons should not only consider these concerns as potentially dangerous medical conditions, they should likewise take in the account they own impact on each of our society and also the cost which will affect most people.

Acquired immuno-deficiency syndrome (AIDS)

AIDS has been concerned among the major complications in health-related to culture. The population group who will be blamed in this illness, and the proportion in various gender (i. e. “it is the lovemaking and medicine taking patterns of guys which enables the computer virus to spread (Macionis, David J. 3 years ago: 697)) suffering from AIDS features raise racism, sexism and it’s linked to judgment and misjudgment. Moreover, “AIDS raises significant political and cross-cultural issues (Macionis, John J. 2007: 698), the medical services in low-income countries can be far too costly for them to find the money for which limit the options for the infected people to heal or perhaps delay the illness so thatthey can function much longer, which all in turn, enhance inequalities in health and can affect the next generation and the culture.

Healthy and unhealthy world

Society, however, is made up of individuals; people live together in communities. The introduction of people depend upon which environment, which in other words and phrases, depends on how organizations take care of it to create it a proper society. Therefore , whether a world is healthier or certainly not does has a impact on persons.

When Sociable Issue Influences One’s Overall health

“Healthy individuals cannot endure when world is sick.  Alternatively, aspects of social structure effect health and condition. Social elements not only influence life expectancy, nevertheless the possibilities normally the one will knowledge diseases and in turn, the health care that they will obtain.


The moment obesity is one of the significant public health problems on the globe, several interpersonal factors happen to be being regarded as shaping the situation of obesity. New technology such as tvs, cars and computers that decrease the flexibility of a person; development of junk food and refreshments that are loaded with fat and sugar which clearly raise the possibility of persons getting heavier. When eating routine and changing diets are certainly having an impact upon weight problems, for example , “decline in the consumption of fresh vegetables and increase in the consumption of processed vegetables (Fulcher Wayne, 1999: 207), associated with increasing consumption in convenience food such as appetizers. It has been reported in a nationwide survey of 1993 that folks in the age bracket of 16-24 consume snack foods five to six days and nights each week. These social styles are seen since problems that impact health straight.

Social Inequality

Not only changes in society take place, inequalities are no longer a brand new phenomenon. The document referred to as The Dark-colored Report that was printed in eighties in the U. K demonstrated that there are still common of overall health inequalities although the introduction in the welfare point out has better

the entire health. Additional, doctors are generally men, although nurses are generally women. This hierarchy of inequality about health operate has already can be reproduced. In addition to that is reported in inequalities problem, although men’s unwillingness to visit the doctor have been reported too. Men usually find uncomfortable when seeing a health care provider.

In addition , Ruben W. Saultz, M. D., suggests that young ladies at around age of sixteen will still visit the doctor for regimen maternity proper care whereas males will often quit; and this allows explain the main reason that holding out rooms are always filled with women, children and old persons. Also, “access to resources determines the eventual wellbeing of the human population and it is this kind of access and its rigidly stratified inequalities which in turn continue to duplicate ill-health.  (Whitelegg, L. 1982: 23)

Where availability is concerned, it is strongly recommended by John Whitelegg which the group with higher normal amount of wealth can make private plans for the needs in resources. Hence, this is obviously unfair to the people who are with low-income, which boost the debate in inequality in health; and this brings us into a deeper debate in lower income.


The Black Statement found that the main source of inequalities was poverty. It had been described as the “number one particular health problem for many poor nations for quite some time. “The poorest of the poor, around the world, have worst wellness.  Additionally , “low paid out employment is usually clearly related to a high charge of reported ill-health. The Black Report makes the stage repeatedly to show the many ways poor health can be associated with low paid job.  (Whitelegg, J. 1982: 12)

Quality lifestyle

Other than that, “research on highly valued states of existence¦has reported that health is among the most respected states, and among the most essential area of existence and of quality of life nominate simply by people.  (Ann Étambot, 2001: 5)

Standard of Living

Despite when people happen to be sitting for longer hours at work, which lessens theamount of exercise that a person gets, will influence one’s health condition, the surrounding environment at work or housing, is going to lead to illness condition, for instance , hygiene circumstances such as the availability of getting clean water. “But as the nineteenth century progressed, overall health in Western Europe and North America better. This transform was largely due to a rising quality lifestyle that converted into better nutrition and safer housing for the majority of people.  (Macionis, John L. 2007: 673)

From the above evidence, we can see how standard of living offers such an influence in well being. Living in poor housing circumstances will not only affect the development of a young child, for anyone that lives in wet, cold and moldy casing, in other words, poor condition in the property can cause condition and conditions. It will also lead to anxiety and depression, which in turn obviously have an impact on a person’s health.


No one understands how crucially does the environment connect to a person’s health, but it really is thought that several forms of environmental deterioration can lead to health risk. Not simply standard of living is known as a major factors associated with health problem, but as well the surrounding environment. Take a good example of city smoke. Los Angeles was known as the smog capital on the planet in 1960s; only when they have introduced a lot of policies to manage the main way to obtain smog that is car exhaust emissions, the smog level dropped significantly.


To conclude, health is actually a biological issue as well as a cultural issue. Human’s well-being depends upon what distribution and extent of any society’s resources. They are related. Either aspect fails will contribute to effect on the human being or the society all together. Therefore , interpersonal and health problems should not be neglected; indeed, we have to pay coexisting attention to both equally, to ensure that every thing is healthier.


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