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Evaluating a Health Promotion Website Essay

Health Information Technology (HIT) has been presented into the Countrywide Health Assistance (NHS) to be able to improve the quality, efficiency, safety and cost effectiveness of the delivery of health care. The application of digital information technology in health care options has to date played a huge role in improving the ease of access of information and has changed more work intensive and unproductive methods (Shekelle and Goldzweig, 2009). The Breastfeeding and Midwifery Council (NMC, 2009) keep that that nurses’ abilities, knowledge and practice must be guided by best available evidence.

Typically this facts is found on the internet nevertheless many sources of information may be inaccurate so a good normal of critical evaluation is essential (Kim, Eng, Deering ain al 1998). To evaluate the high quality and dependability of a selected website conditions framework may help such as Roberts (2012) your five C’s internet site tool. This kind of framework evaluates five areas: credibility, foreign currency, content, building and clearness.

The website The Royal School of Psychiatrists (RC Psych, 2012 a) was chosen to be examined because as being a mental overall health nursing scholar this will develop an awareness of how information technology can be implemented and applied to practice in medical care. Additionally , by using Roberts (2012) 5 C’s framework to critically examine this website, expertise and abilities of the top quality and stability of HIT will be bought. Main Body system RC Psych is the specialist and educational business for professional in the UK and also being a signed up charity (RC Psych, 2012 b).

Their website is targeted at improving the lives of people affected by mental illness through educating the public. They claims to be at the head of producing and endorsing best practice in mental health companies through all their education, teaching and studies. Additionally they are involved in the posting of the pursuing world-class publications; British Diary of Psychiatry, The Psychiatrist, Advances in Psychiatric Treatment and Foreign Psychiatry (RC Psych, 2012 c). Credibility Having obtained a hoheitsvoll charter this kind of shows all of us that the enterprise has been accepted by the Princess or queen and seconded by the govt to call itself a registered company of the highest regard.

As stated by the Happy Council Business office (2012) organisations granted a Royal Charter must have a great record of achievement. 75% of its associates should be qualified to at least 1st degree level and the operate completed by organisation should be in the interest of the public. Professor Peter Tyrer is named as the Editor, in the website, and is also said to be accountable for the editorial and creation aspects of its publications besides the production of their online continuing professional creation (CPD) e-learning resources as well as sales and marketing (RC Psych, 2012 d).

Following researching Peter Tyrer it truly is evident that he is highly qualified within the discipline of mental health and is known as a professor of community psychiatry for the Department of Medicine, within the Real College Birmingham (Imperial College London, 2012). The website offers a vast amount of information about mental health including circumstances, diagnoses, remedies and types of therapies. The guidance provided is definitely produced in the shape of on-line leaflets for the use of the public and professionals.

In the website you cannot find any evidence showing that the same specific experts are used frequently for their posted articles nevertheless , at the end of every article the producer, publisher and sometimes an author are named in addition to the expert which was involved in the producing of it. All of these leaflets will be produced by the RC Psych Public Education Editorial Table that is in charge of producing 300 educational booklets. These booklets have been licensed by the NHS Information Regular and therefore gained quite a few awards (Byrne, 2011).

They may have achieved Simple English and BMA patient information awards and have received consistently confident feedback pertaining to the web variations. The manager of these booklets is Doctor Phillip Timms who is presently employed as being a consultant Professional for the South London, uk & Maudsley NHS Groundwork Trust in addition to a senior lecturer in psychiatry at King’s College, Greater london (BMJ Masterclasses, 2012). This site’s web address shows that it truly is delivered by a UK primarily based academic body system as it has an ac. uk URL. This confirms their credibility and reassures the reader that they are qualified experts capable to give tips in this field (Roberts, 2010).

Combining this it is evident that the suppliers of the internet site have suitable qualifications and expertise to provide advice in terms of mental health and supports the credibility in the organisation and the website. Some of these points likewise link in to the other five C’s for example , the awards that the booklets have received display that the content and clearness of their job has been assessed and found being of an appropriate standard. Forex When using a website for personal expansion reasons as well as to recommend into a patient the info being seen should be the most current evidence obtainable that has been confirmed in practice.

With regards to the advice offered on the website RC Psych (2012 e) states that they practice to upgrade it just about every two to three years. This is mirrored in the articles or blog posts by demonstrating the time the information was last up to date and the particular date it will be evaluated in the future. On top of that RC Psych (2012 d) state that their very own information derives from the greatest evidence sold at the time of writing which is updated regularly to reveal any changes in knowledge. Another way to determine the currency info is to consider the referrals used to add to its validity (Roberts, 2010).

If the resources are went out with then everything you are studying may not range from most current research so there could be more up-to-date evidence anywhere else. The times of the referrals used through the entire website can be varied yet , they do consist of many lately published content and up to date clinical guidelines so this shows that they are focused on producing up-to-date information and evidence. This is certainly seen in a leaflet about depression in which RC Psyche (2012 f) cites a recently up-to-date guideline by National Company for Clinical Excellence (NICE, 2009) which looks at treatments and administration of major depression in adults.

The currency and credibility with the website can also be reflected in its content and so this should end up being assessed throughout the evaluation procedure. Content And being credible and current the content must be assessed due to its objectivity, reliability and completeness (Roberts, 2010). The content of your website may be judged by simply assessing the actual website should achieve.

This can be selling an item, persuading the audience to believe in something or to provide the audience with unbiased and up as of yet information on a particular topic (Roberts, 2010). RC Psych (2012 a) profess that they make an effort to improve the lives of individuals with a mental wellness illness. They aim to try this by instructing people through making data and tips available on the website. This would reveal that it falls under the group of providing neutral and up thus far information for the public.

The articles on the site are drafted in the third person so prevents mcdougal from revealing personal judgment. Furthermore the leaflets made provide links to various other sources of information around the topic being discussed. This encourages further reading which supplies a complete and balanced look at preventing opinion and, exactly where treatment strongly recommended, allows you to make an educated choice (Roberts, 2010). The references utilized within the site are taken from well known and respected sources which provide current and acknowledged recommendations such as WONDERFUL, the Office of Health (DOH) and various field related journals.

This indicates that the website tries to provide and maintain up to date, exact and impartial information that concurs with information available in books and journals on a single subjects. Building The construction of any website, for example , the layout, colors, fonts, sizes and ease of access may determine regardless of whether a reader believes the website is of good quality or not (Roberts, 2010). A study by simply Lindgaard, Fernandes and Dudek et ing. (2006) identified that the initial 50 ms that the target audience is confronted with a website could cause the reader to form an opinion whether or not a website will be worth using or not.

About first impression, the web page in question appears colourful and professional. The eye is attracted to the bolder writing that states web sites purpose in addition to minimal graphics to distract the reader using this. There is a lots of information on the home page from the website and may be considered jumbled, however it is usually divided into crystal clear sections and appears very well organised, providing clear subheadings which slowly move the reader with their areas of fascination easily. The primary colour utilized for the website can be grey and presents a professional look. It can be subtle although effective in breaking up distinct sections of the web page without being obtrusive.

The typeface size is varied throughout nevertheless mainly of a larger size making the site easy to read. There is no option for you to change the font sizing or coloring which could trigger some problems as it is not possible to suit everybody with a single font size, style and colour (Roberts, 2010). As this is a signed up charitable organisation it could be unfair to expect them to not promote profitable offers. There are two links to buy literature that are posted by the regal college of psychiatrists and an option to compliment them in future development projects. They have presented these links as the past things you might come across on the site.

Because of in which they are situated it comes around to the audience that they are keen on providing totally free and attainable information to teach the pubic over making money. Clarity Clarity is another essential area to consider when ever evaluating a website. Due to our continually developing multi-cultural culture it is important that websites cater for every groups in society and not just the English readers.

One particular part of the site caters for experts working in psychiatry and an additional to the public wanting to learn more about mental illness. Both portions are provided and created in a way that can be understandable for the general public. Inside the public section they offer their very own advice in 21 several languages moreover to image aids applying BSL signal language along with audio pod casts and printable types.

This demonstrates they have manufactured an effort to cater for varied cultures and wishes. Unfortunately it appears that they have not taken into account the needs of people with dyslexia. Approximately two million people in the UK population are affected by dyslexia of which about 35 to 40 percent experience visible disturbances when reading (Dyslexia Action, 2012). The British Dyslexia Affiliation, (2012) claims that the reading ability associated with an individual with dyslexia could be negatively afflicted with bright white skills and the use of too much text message.

By changing the background to the off white shade and distributing out the information over greater areas this would cater for a different group in society. Summary Having the ability to access health information using the web has provided nurses the capacity to frequently improve their understanding base and skills understanding that they are delivering the best possible treatment derived from the best available facts. The RADIO CONTROLLED Psych site not only gives nurses a location to go and build on their expertise and expertise but it also provides them with a safe, reliable and easily accessible know-how base they can confidently send their patients to.

The evaluation with this website has demonstrated that the site contains quality, reliable data and could become recommended to anyone considering the field of mental illness. Additionally the use of the five C’s analysis tool provides provided a fantastic foundation for the development of evaluating skills. They have given a way to discover that evidence being accessed is suitable for growing personal practice and to support educate people and is approved within the NMC code of conduct (Roberts, 2010).

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