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Health Promotion Essay

Healthcare professionals are in the forefront pertaining to becoming superb, influential market leaders in the change of long term healthcare by using education and health campaign. As the population continues to grow, rns are searched for as teachers and not just caregivers. Nurses are usually capable of providing people with the education it needs in order to avoid illness and disease, and promote quality healthcare.

By simply expanding emphasis not only within the individual, but family and community groups too, a larger outreach intended for public health, promo, and education can be resolved. There are 3 types of prevention identified as primary, secondary and tertiary, which aim to prevent the start a targeted condition (GCU, 2011). Implementing health education to avoid medical conditions as the principal prevention, assisting and treating symptomatic individual’s as the secondary avoidance, and regain function and negative effects of your already acquired disease as the tertiary prevention, the hopes to overcome and put into action a cost- efficient, healthy and balanced lifestyle could be achieved (Fitzgerald, 2011).

Through health campaign, prevention, and intervention, the ongoing future of healthcare can be based on educating the public to advertise longevity and quality of life by utilizing primary, supplementary and tertiary preventions. The World Health Business (WHO) specifies health promotion as the process which enables visitors to improve control of the determinants of health, and as a result to enhance their own health (Jadelhack, 2012). By providing wellness promotion to others, the nurse is allowing the individual to adopt control, responsibility and actions for their very own healthcare. Individually and through national interactions, nurses, as well as other healthcare companies, can be effective in introducing the road forever health through health promotion (Jadelhack, 2012).

Through seminars, lectures, handouts, and instructing, nurses will be educating the public to become their particular advocates of care. By using health campaign and education, the nurse is instructing the individual about disease, reduction, and how to encourage for the care of themselves and their households. The American Nurses Association (ANA) states, Nursing must grow its attempts to design and implement concours which support promotion of health and reduction of disease/illness and disability (ANA, 2007).

There are multiple dimensions that needs to be taken into consideration when referring to the health of an individual including, physical, mental, spiritual, and social. With the evolution of healthcare, nursing staff must start to increase their initiatives in health promotion by viewing the individuals they serve as all natural, and also with the families and communities too. With the evolution of medical into open public, community, and home health-related settings, rns must surely have a wide know-how base, enough critical considering skills, and an active involvement in disease prevention, to market quality health (Edelman & Mandle, 2010).

The registered nurse must utilize the nursing procedure by examining the individual’s learning style and educational history in order to effectively present materials to the specific. The health professional must strategy, implement and evaluate the individual’s change in way of living habits including physical activity, healthy and balanced eating, and motivation, need and desire in order to transform into a more healthy way of life. The nurse has become incredible into a main care provider and Therefore, the perceptions of the nurses towards health promotion may well affect all their willingness and ability to showcase health (Cross, 2005). Overall health promotion is an important concept to get nursing as it encompasses the nurse in collaboration to healthcare professionals.

The nurse’s role can include patient endorse, healer, consumer educator, attention manager, and nursing investigator (Edelman & Mandle, 2011). Much with the nursing function is affiliated with health teachinghealth education can be clearly a nurses role (Edelman & Mandle, 2010). Nurses need to incorporate the three levels of prevention when applying health advertising throughout every area of nursing jobs including serious care configurations, long-term attention settings, community and public welfare, and mental health. By utilizing each type of prevention, rns are able to educate and advocate quality customer care to the public in a way that will be most beneficial to all of them. Primary elimination reduces both incidence and prevalence of any disease (CDC, 2007).

Of each prevention type, primary elimination is the most helpful, as it helps to avoid or perhaps avert any health illness, disease, or negative way of life behavior prior to it originates. Health education about risk factors and specific security towards illness are utilized to cure the vulnerability of the individual to disease or disorder (Edelman & Mandle, 2010). Secondary elimination has been believed to include testing and medical interventions targeted at the prevention of ill health and recurrence of symptoms of unwell health (Peckham, et. approach., 2011).

The use of secondary avoidance is beneficial to the person that might have a certain health health issues or condition and is not aware as its principal focus is usually aimed at verification and recognition of ailments before that they begin. Tertiary prevention is focused on repair and care of an illness that is already frequent and had been established (GCU, 2011). When tertiary elimination is categorized as a reduction type, this emphasizes their efforts on managing and conserving health issues after they have already been recognized unlike those in the primary and secondary elimination levels.

However are 3 levels of avoidance and all will vary, they may terme conseille at times, that ought to not be confused by healthcare services. In order to increase education and quality overall health promotion, it is essential to determine which kind of involvement should be employed to improve and increase top quality care for each individual. With the evolving healthcare system, healthcare experts should focus their efforts on curing not just nurturing.

With the use of technology today as well as the ever-changing health-related system, the nurse can easily adequately inform the community about healthcare promo and education to progress the future into a healthy life-style. By investing in the promotion of quality overall health, we are conserving in health-related costs as prevention helps bring about for fewer hospitalizations and long term healthcare. Through the use of education, health promo and reduction can become a widespread, inexpensive intervention in the move to applying a healthy, top quality lifestyle. Fitzgerald, M. (2011).

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