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Environmental challenges affecting cuba


There are many effects that the environment has on Barrica. Some concerns include deforestation, pollution, climate change triggering sea amounts to rise and floods. Deforestation in Cuba was really poor in the early 2000s. Now they are aiming to reforest areas because of how bad it had been in the 2000s. They cut down trees to make cities and roads. Deforestation happened mainly because back then people didn’t seriously care and know the importance of forests to get human your survival.

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The cuban Jungle is also being deforested to make cane domains. Now folks are realizing that they must forests for human success and for family pets habitats. So they are reforesting areas. The next big effect the environment has on Barrica is pollution. Mostly in the Havana These types of. In the Havana Bay there exists air pollution and water pollution. The air pollution has effects on Cuba since it is destroying ecosystems in Barrica. The main environments its impacting on is flora and fauna. Some people are actually inhaling the pollutants in the air which is not good for them. Barrica has attempted to help people not really inhal pollutants by executing projects.

The most recent project they are carrying out is monitoring gas exhausts to see what its performing to the environment. The next big thing that is influencing Cuba is usually climate change. When the climate is changing, Cuba, provides a hard time producing food because of the weather as its typhoon season a lot of vegetation get washed out. So rather farmers happen to be planting drought-resistant crops and digging in the ground to insure they are going to have normal water supplies to outlive during droughts or the moment hurricane period comes.

The last thing that is affecting Barrica is floods. The main overflow that occurred in Havana, Cuba is definitely when Hurricane Irma showed up and bombarded most of the capital. The effects of Irma were terrible. It uprooted trees, took of roofs of houses and buildings, winds going two hundred km/h destroyed the main resorts in Havana, Cuba, not only that the main result was surging. People couldn’t get out of their houses as a result of how much it absolutely was flooded. Persons had to come on boats and jet skis to relief them. As well animals, just like crocodiles, could come out of all their habitat in ponds thinking the flooding on roads is their home so it will be very dangerous for people to get to protection anyway. Persons did anything to try and recovery people and bring them to safety. The flooding eventually went away nevertheless this almost certainly will happen once again in the future for this reason its a major effect on Tanque.

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