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Dramatic irony pathetic fallacy and connaissance

The objective of this task was to generate an autobiography using Tennesse Williamsstyle of writing. In his play, The Glass Menagerie he uses music, the screen device and light in a very effective way along with using numerous literary equipment such as dramatic irony, horrible fallacy and humour.  I start out by giving a detailed explanation of the establishing in the starting stage directions, just like Tennesse Williams, to create the perform.

In the beginning, the main character likewise starts with a lengthy monologue outlining what the perform is about and giving the social qualifications of the enjoy. The fact that Dawid makes its way into wearing a The german language uniform although he is a Jew can be alienating towards the audience yet later on inside the play their explained that he was required to disguise him self as a A language like german in order to endure the conflict. I likewise used connaissance in the starting speech he died in 1915, midsection of World War 1 on the entrance line after receiving a telegram that my personal mother acquired given beginning, His cry of happiness gave aside his situation and he was shot with a German sniper when explaining how the key characters father had passed away, which is often entertaining to the audience and keeps all of them interested in the play. This mixture of tragedy and funny is known as tragicomedy and is employed by great freelance writers such as Shakespeare and its result is to get the viewers emotions.

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Once again I decided I might use the display screen device to show some photos and outline the key message of each and every scene. In the opening level directions lighting is also focusedon the image of the dad to summarize his importance in the play. The fact the characters carry on referring to all their father also foreshadows that he will become relevant in the rest for the play. Remarkable irony is likewise used when Dawid with confidence says that the Germans is not going to attack them, as we know that they actually would. I included as well other literary devices just like pathetic argument rain throwing out of the off white sky which is technique commonly used by Tennesse Williams.

Dawid is a persona in the play as well as the narrator which once again is alienating since that doesnt normally happen on stage. Dawid also can exaggerate at times since the viewers are seeing the scene through Dawids point of view. Again Choice I would add music for the scene to produce an ambiance and the reality the music applied is Third Reich military music is likewise a bit humoruus and powerful to the audience. Williams as well uses numerous symbols, such as the glass menagerie, so once again I decided to use a symbol. The statue of Kazimierz Pulaski symbolizes liberty, independence and safety so when the statue is bumped down by German individuals are no longer safe or totally free.

Overall I do think my textual content is good as its written in a similar design to Tennessee Williams and it sounds real, all of that could happen in the real world or has indeed occurred. I think the use of the statue being a symbol was a good idea, since Tennessee Williams likes to use symbols such as the glass menagerie, as was your pathetic fallacy however perhaps a more personal view with the surroundings might have been given in the opening stage directions to help make the opening information even more carefully related to Tn Williams design of writing.

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