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Gothic and baroque architecture essay

The Gothic style of structures marks the European architecture from the beginning with the 12th hundred years until the core 14th hundred years. In Portugal, the development of the gothic style strated somewhat earlier, about the middle of the 11th 100 years. Gothic stands in contrast to the renaissance, because exaggerated and babarian. The foundation of the phrase Gothic originates from Italian authors as a indication of devaluation. We can split the Medieval style up in 3 levels. The early-, high- and late-Gothic. Early-Gothic reaches before the the middle of the 13th hundred years. It has more basic decorations and vast arches and big butttresses.

It was followed by the High-Gothic witch extends right up until the middle of the 14th 100 years and is noticeable by it h much more comprehensive and good orders and arrangement. The arches tended to be higher and narrower. Inside the High-Gothic overall the complexes and structures became greater and larger. The last in the three Gothic stages, the Late-Gothic just developed eventually of the fourteenth century. It is the peak stage, with the advancement the celebrity shaped vaults. Most buildings which are build in Medieval style will be Kathedrals and church buildings but you can also locate some town halls (like the one in Hamburg) and privat houses wich will be build from this style.

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Prior to 12th hundred years, the Churches where build with large, thick natural stone vaults (the structure which usually supports the sealing or perhaps roof) which usually tended to push the walls to the side. This buildings collapsed sometimes under the enourmous pressure. The solution to this issue came in the center of the 12th century, if the rip burial container was created. This was the first thing to the Medieval style and the beginning of the Early-Gothic. The tear vault released the pressue from the surfaces, and steered the forces downwards.

The architects manufactured now use in the lighter and thinner burial container stones which usually helped to make the whole framework lighter and allowed a number of new creations and forms. Now that the pressure was taken away from your outer walls, enabled the architects to help make the outer wall surfaces thinner or perhaps decorate these glass and also other decorations. Likewise the size improved. Architects developed the typical several floor kathedrals. Bulidings reached unseen hights.

At the end of the 12th 100 years, another design developed, the Rayonnants Gothic period. The origin of the name Rayonnants, is the radial-spoke condition (wheel like) of a rosewindow, like the one which will deorates the north end of the Notre Dame kathedral. Hight was from there on not the priamary objective any more. The architects attempted to get rid of the substantial, dark and depressing look of their buldings. They attempted much more win over the viewers. From the core 13th hundred years, the mystrikal darkness was liftet by a lot of a glass and the gray and darker colours became lighter plus more warmer.

Barock: The Barok art and architecture was your dominating type of architecture in europe, amerika and certain european colonies around the 16th century. Historians are not shure about the foundation of the term Barok. It may come from the portoguise word esagerato or through the spanish barueco which the two mean just as much as unregular formed perl. The Barok style starts of in Italy as a indication of a antireform and debt slavery and as a representation from the katholic chapel. It was the word of the monarchs at that time. That represented electricity and influence, and was the desire of something higher and was the way they will expressed their particular feeling of superiority.

You can easily see that the nobles at that time saw theselfs since the center of the world by looking at the home gardens of the building of Versailles, every way in the huge area can be pointing for the middle of the palace which was where the monarch resided. The whole design of the Barok architecture consists of much more movements and figure than the precursor the Renaissance. The collumns and arkades (arch among two columns) lost their calmness and restfullness by simply setting these people in movement with the get out of hand shaped adornments.

Colonades wherever decorated with straight beams to give an impression of more room. Every thing appeared bigger and richer moddeled within former times. Architects used konvex (bend outwards) and konkarv (bend inwards) shapes, which provided them new opportunities as a way of room designing. In addition to the typical ahead and backward jumping extension cables in the outdoors wall an additional architectual factor became increasingly popular, the Risalits. Which are forward leaping elements of the building. The walls seemed to burn over to the sealings by using stucco. Decorative mirrors hung up in opposite wall surfaces gave the visitors the impression/illusion of endless room.

Beside that there were a great enourmous sum of artsy wall art there, which are calculated in such a way that they provided the same impression on the viewer in which at any time corner of the room this individual stood in. This was particularly significant for chapels, where the light enters home in another viewpoint. The outside approach to a Barock building was characterized by sculptures ornaments and figures at the outside wall structure and was usually between a huge yard areal that has been also retained in Barock style.

Meaning that the bushed were cutted to characters and the grass was cutted needly. The pathes happen to be allways directed towards the main building and therefore are kept expending tidy. The landscape was often decorated by a various stairways, water basins and fontaines. Of course this form of Barock was remarkably cost and labour intense, so the just ones that could really find the money for this style where the abundant monarchs as well as the church.

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