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Departmental improvement and leadership styles the

Decision Making Design, Transformational Command, Leadership Encounter, Team Management

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Departmental Improvement and Command Styles

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The procurement or purchasing section is one of the most important departments in the retail store that I have just signed up with. It is vested with procurement of items which can be to be bought from turn as well as purchasing the other items which are required for the daily running in the chain shop.

However , there are many incidences that have been noted inside the chain store that are tainting the image with the procurement. The problems have to do with all the employee contribution as much as the technical aspect of procurement. This paper is focused on figuring out the various challenges or hitches that are knowledgeable in the store, the sources and the possible remedies to them associated with greater fascination is the staff association and coordination to be able to help fix the problems.

The shortcomings of the procurement section

One of the concerns encountered in the retail store is the issue of buying without plan. The people responsible for the buying of items is going to just obtain items without a purchasing list hence ends up buying things just because the supplier or perhaps distributor provides a discount on the items. All in all the items might not be sold out in the rate foreseen. Most of these decisions I noticed were made unilaterally by the purchase manager with out consultation from your others inside the same department, yet this can be a trend that taints the complete procurement division.

The other major problem inside the department is a habit of getting without counter-checking the inventory. In the purchase department, this really is made worse by fact that this retail store bargains in items that are highly perishable. This leads into different problems just like the items running low on the expiry period and the retail store tossing out unused items that were bought but there was currently one in shop.

The various other issue in the department is the lack of dexterity in times of placing orders. Each individual makes requests independently in the department devoid of consulting the other colleagues hence the high frequency of double orders and mounting up of items which may go bad at the end of the day or under no circumstances get used at all, or much worse get abused since they are available which costs the company funds.

The purchase department also never gets much in to researching the market prospective customers before that they settle for a supplier plus they always are likely to stick to the many popular distributor. This makes them buy items that are more expensive in the popular supplier even though there can be another dealer in the market offering more competitive prices and same top quality of items, but I feel using research conserve quite a lot intended for the company.

The past problem i felt was of value is the idea of the purchase department ordering items just because of the value and not taking a look at the commensurate value for the money that they spend. This is certainly a practice that is peculiarly here mainly because it is rare to find a business that is willing to give up on all their quality of goods.

Having examined the above half a dozen major challenges among many others, there is certainly an obvious concern in the procurement department. The analysis that I had, bearing the skilled procurement personnel there are in the

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