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Definition of Epidemiology Essay


Epidemiology is the study of the elements associated with various kinds of diseases for example , how often will the disease take place, how may be the disease transmitted, ways in which the illness can be avoided. There are two main types of epidemiology: descriptive epidemiology and deductive epidemiology. Detailed epidemiology is involved with the rate of recurrence and distribution of risk factors in a population and it makes it easy for one to measure the way the disease has spread.

Deductive epidemiology should study the reasons and risks involved with the disease and the preventive measures.

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This is relating to Pinchinat, S, & Ponton Sanchez (2006) Observation epidemiological research In this case the epidemiologist would not carry out any actual experiment or quite simply does not experience any effective role in the research. The epidemiologist just makes findings on what is going on based on a great already existing condition without giving any treatment options for example if perhaps one wished to compare the exposure of PCBs experience of occurrence of cancer on the 20 year period, he would not be required to offer any sort of treatment simply to observe the readily available case obtainable according to epidemiology home page.

Experimental epidemiological studies Contrary to observational research here the epidemiologist will be required to do the actual tests or enjoy an active role by giving the treatment to subjects after which observing the effects of the treatment. For example an epidemiologist can perform a clinical trial of a fresh drug in willing topics and then take notice of the changes in subject matter based on epidemiology home page. You will discover different types of biases associated with epidemiological research.

According to Eric’s Notebook, opinion arises when an estimated worth deviates from the original or true worth. The case studies given in the assignment will provide a basis for the topic of various types of biases and the effects of the biases on the measures of affiliation. Based on CES-Research-bias & confounding, different types of biases will be talked about. Case you This case may possibly show both variety and measurement biases.

Assortment because the epidemiologist might select the children non-randomly in which case the results could be overestimated or underestimated in this if this individual over selected children whom are not subjected to the substance then her or his result will be underestimated and vice versa. The results will show a prejudice in measurement if the epidemiologist measures the end result inaccurately in which case the outcomes will both be above or underestimated. Case a couple of This case could show way of measuring and conditional biases. Conditional bias is definitely evidenced when ever patients give false data for example about having fewer sexual associates.

This would bring about over or perhaps underestimation in the results. Measurement bias would occur if the epidemiologist accumulated the wrong info from the studies. This as well would cause over or perhaps underestimation of the results. Circumstance 3 The case will show two kinds of biases, measurement opinion because the epidemiologist may acquire inaccurate info and deductive bias because of not following up the outcome. This would result in either under or overestimation of data. Circumstance 4 Dimension and conditional biases may occur in this case.

Incase of analytical prejudice the results could stay unchanged or perhaps underestimated and case of measurement opinion it could either be below or over rate. Word depend: 551 Sources Aschengran, A, & Seage, G. R, (2008). Necessities of epidemiology in public well being, (2nd Male impotence. ). Sudbury, MA: Williams and Bartlett. CEM-Research- Prejudice & confounding is a web page that provides vital information on research bias upon epidemiology. data file: ///c: /biasconfound. html Checkoway, H, Pearce, N, Kriebel, D. (2004) Research strategies in occupational epidemiology.

Epidemiology Home Page is actually a website that provides an introduction to epidemiology Document: ///c: /epi1. html. Ibrahim, A. M. (2001) Joshua Notebook: Selection Bias. Section of veterans’ affairs, epidemiologic research, and information centre at Clarington, NC. http://eric. unc. edu/notebooks/issue8/eric_notebook_8. pdf Pinchinat, S, & Ponton-Sanchez, A, (2006): Inductive and descriptive epidemiology. Biostatem SARL. Data file: ///c: /epidemiology. htm Research Types in Epidemiology http://www. nwcphp. org/training/courses-exercise/courses/study-types-in-epi

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