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Defining Social Media Essay

I think, social media is utilized to keep touching people, reveal ideas, videos, and pictures, and gain a few knowledgeable details in sites and digital communities. Social media is very helpful when it comes to keeping in touch with long-lost friends and family members. Social media is a great useful resource to search points that you don’t know and that allows you to turn into knowledgeable about things needed to find out.

Response: My own response to this article is that you should constantly watch what you put on social media because anything can be kept and it could possibly generally become held against you depending on what the post may be regarding. Social media isn’t always a person’s best friend. You need to enjoy what you content; especially for workplace reasons. Many employers goes onto your Facebook page and see what kind of a person you truly are.

Through this certain content, Nash Grier is a very popular person about Vine. After he published the video producing a homophobic slur, he did delete it as a result of negative responses that begun to begin. The secret to this though, is that he deleted that, but another individual had already saved it and submitted it once again and that went virus-like.

After that, Nash Grier performed take this upon him self to pardon on Twitter saying how he was becoming ignorant, stupid, and how having been stuck within a bad place. He may have apologized, yet from here on out, it’s possible that this kind of discrimination will probably be held against him forever, due to a single mistake this individual didn’t consider before this individual posted this on social media. Conclusion: Think before you post. It is best to know that whatsoever you content on social websites, may or may not influence you in the long run.

Be smart and think about what you’re posting before you truly submit it.

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