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Dbq on french revolution dissertation

On Come july 1st 14, 1789, as the fortress Citadelle was overtaken and demolished by the persons of Portugal, it became symbolic that showed the years of abuse by monarchy. The French Revolution brought many new becomes France, that was one of the most significant powers in Europe during the time. It offered way for fresh political forces, and wondered the guideline of nobles and kings. It also advised new tips and values to the people of France. The French Revolution, a revolt that lasted in the 1789 for the late 1790’s, was caused by three significant factors including the economic point out of Portugal due to the American Revolution, the Enlightenment ideas that propagate through the middle class, and the the political indifference involving the social classes of Italy.

The American Revolution happened during the reign of Louis XVI. It was an opportunity intended for France to aid America, as well as defeat Great britain in turn for the things they had done to England.

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In 1778, under the order of Louis XVI, Portugal officially entered the American Revolution. France had a major role in helping the people of America when they necessary it the most. Yet afterwards, it remaining the country of France in great debt (5). The problem in Italy economically was already poor, plus the American Wave left France in a wonderful turmoil. To raise money, the government began to tax the third house, raising prices on loaf of bread to ranges that operating poor wasn’t able to afford (1). Yet, the First and Second Estates were not taxed as much, leading to a ripple in the Third Estate throughout France. Though the American Wave left the French in debt, it also contributed many new ideas and beliefs to France. America created a doc, “The Assertion of Independence,  that stated their beliefs and freedoms, and how the government ought to rule the nation.

This was one more major leading point in the Revolution. Following years of mistreatment and injustice, the people of France, specially the Third House, began to problem the customs and regulation of absolute monarchs (5). As the bottom class started to become more plus more educated, Enlightenment ideas also influenced their particular thoughts (4). The people felt that the land should be the same, without difference according to class. This kind of understanding brought them to write the “Declaration from the Rights of Man and Citizen (8). The document stated the individual and communautaire rights of the people of France. Yet, it fulfilled the resistance of John XVI, who also did not wish to accept each of the reforms in the National Set up. Again, the individuals became irritated, and anger turned to action. In the”Declaration of the Privileges of Gentleman and Citizen,  the first point states that men will be born similar, and interpersonal classes had been established only for the common gain (8). But, this was not the case throughout Portugal.

The nation was divided into three social classes ” the First Real estate, which consisted of clergy, the Second Estate, which usually consisted of the nobility, plus the Third Estate, which contained the bourgeoisie, rural peasants, and downtown workers. With the three classes the Third estate was the weakest. They performed the hardest, and was taxed most among the list of three classes. Arthur Young was a foreigner who traveled throughout Italy and seen the standards of living of the people around him (1). His perspective is very important because he can be not a Frenchman, but an incomer. He observed that the weakest peasant and workers were taxed one of the most, were since the noble and clergy were not taxed at all. Another point that makes him important is the fact that he was traveling through France prior to French Revolution, allowing him to see the situations that piled up to the beginning of the Revolution.

Soon, the cowboys began to realize the same thing, and again, anger turned to actions. The French Wave was caused by the debt Louis XVI remaining France in after assisting the Us citizens, the many fresh ideas and beliefs affected by the Enlightenment, and the distinctions between the social classes of France. Quickly, the revolts started to impact the whole of France, and the rulers of each and every period of time began to make alterations for the better. New laws were passed, and gradually, since time passed, social classes were reserve and guys were seen while equals. The past line of complete monarchs was seen, as well as the monarchy converted to other forms of government. The three causes of the French Revolution ” financial, political, and social ” eventually helped shape the region into a better nation.

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