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Cross cultural connection an america case term

Cross Ethnic Management, Cultural Geography, Social Competency, Democracy In America

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Many geography has contributed to it is value after rugged individuality. Geographical expansion in American initially seemed limitless, when ever Americans experienced the promise of success in the Western territories. The availability of property in Western also cemented the American ideal of working hard plus the need for robust, masculine self-reliance. A lack of federal control, a freedom from landlords (unlike Europe, which usually boasted smaller sized amounts of land under heredity control) created a high toleration of concern and a value placed upon risking everything for profit. The guarantee of the Western world made Americans even more resists federal control than in 1776. The builder of the Frontier Thesis Frederick Turner had written that to know Americans, one must be familiar with West: “So long since free land exists, the ability for a competency exists, and economic electrical power secures personal power. Nevertheless the democracy given birth to of free terrain, strong in selfishness and individualism, intolerant of management experience and education, and pressing individual liberty further than its right bounds, features its risks as well as their benefits. Individualism in America allows a laxity in regard to government affairs which has rendered possible the spoils system and the show evils stated in this article from the insufficient a highly developed civic spirit” (Turner 34)

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When asked to establish ‘the normal America, ‘ I frequently think of a detailed friend of mine, W -. Although B – and I possess known each other for a long time, I actually still chuckle every time we have political discussions, because his point-of-view is so predictable. “It’s the government, inches he says. According to B – if the government ‘got out of your lives, ‘ there would be not any problems, zero complicated bureaucracy, and no need to worry about political correctness with out taxation. The old ideal of ‘don’t stand on me’ lives on in tea parties and deficiencies in toleration possibly for widespread access to health-related, if the federal government has something to do with it. Naturally , many protest that American government has made many confident incursions in human existence, but the best of self-reliance affects American’s self-perception and American’s more direct interaction style. The American style can seem fresh, careless, and insensitive to an outsider from a higher-context nation.

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