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Caring katniss character analysis for catching

The Hunger Games

Caring KatnissWhat is the most important thing in life? What should 1 value previously mentioned everything else? To Katniss Everdeen, the one thing that she principles most is definitely loyalty. This kind of becomes a major theme in the novel, “Catching Fire”, by simply Suzanne Collins, the sequel to “The Hunger Games”. This specific series is fictional, and is set in a time of dystopia later on. Once the key characters, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, return house from the 74th annual “hunger games” while victors, that they learn that the need to go over a “Victor’s Tour” through the districts of Panem. As they tour through the schisme, they observe rebellion beginning to form. To quell this kind of stirring rebellion, President Snow puts a brand new twist around the upcoming online games. The next set of participants should be chosen from previous champions of the craving for food games. Becoming two of 3 victors off their district, Peeta and Katniss are clearly chosen to get involved once again. Placed back into the arena once again, Katniss and Peeta are forced to strengthen all their loyalty toward each other, and show commitment to their family members. The theme of the new becomes apparent as the connection of commitment between the heroes

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Katniss is definitely loyal to her family, a girl whom reminds her of her sister, and must choose it is well worth being loyal to in the arena. Devotion is also shown when the gamemaker of the being hungry games, Plutarch, saves Katniss and Peeta from the game titles. Though he is taking a very long shot, and can be punished for his actions, he takes a possibility with her because he believes in her. Plutarch shows loyalty to Katniss by drawing her out of your games, and believing that she can produce a difference. He knows the girl could possibly ending the food cravings games overall. He expectations that she’ll be able to take down President Snow, as a result. Plutarch says, “We had to help you save because they are the mockingjay, Katniss. As you live, the revolution lives” (Collins, 365). Katniss motivates the people with the country, and provide them hope that one day things can be different. Plutarch sees this kind of in Katniss, and helps her out of the market to do what she is meant to do, despite the fact that he could be jeopardizing his life. Plutarch displays great dedication to Katniss and his country. Katniss takes a little girl, Repent, under her wing. Repent is another participant in the being hungry games, a young girl simply no older than eleven years old, who will be scared. Katniss says, “But I feel as though I did know Rue, and she’ll continually be with me. Anything beautiful brings her into your head. I see her in the discolored flowers that grow in the Meadow by simply my house. I see her inside the Mockingjays that sing in the trees. Although most of all, I realize her within my sister, Prim” (Collins, 211). Katniss is so dedicated to taking good care of Rue, and does not want to leave anything affect her whatsoever.

Katniss treats Rue as if the girl with her small sister, Prim. Prim means a lot to Katniss and she’d do anything to shield her coming from harm. The lady sees a lot of Prim in Rue, and therefore feels responsible and remains dedicated to tiny Rue. For example , when Rue is in problems, instead of tossing her under the bus and achieving a step further more to getting the victor of the hunger games, Katniss protects her and will keep her safe. She does this even with the knowledge that only one of those could emerge from the arena alive. Finally, though dedication usually comes with a good significance, sometimes it can be a person’s problem in a situation just like the hunger video games. If a player has good friends in the same game they are participating in, it’s really a disadvantage to them. There is certainly only one champion. “Its ridiculous, I know, that his work make me therefore vexed. All I wanted was to keep Peeta alive, and I couldnt and Finnick could, and I must be nothing but grateful. And I was. But I am as well furious because it means that Let me never stop owing Finnick Odair. At any time. So how am i able to kill him in his rest? ” (Collins, 147). With this particular condition, Katniss is indeed loyal to Peeta that she will do anything to keep him alive. One other hunger games participant, Finnick Odair, assists her by saving Peeta’s life once she has not been able to do so. Katniss feels that the girl with indebted to Finnick, which will puts her in a challenging position when considering that she has to kill him. Loyalty, in this feature, is picking who to become loyal to, and when. In conclusion, loyalty is a frequent theme that is threaded through the entire series that addresses the craving for food games.

When put in a situation like the hunger games, a person is required to face problem: What is most important to you? Katniss and Peeta show loyalty to each other, Plutarch, the game machine, shows dedication to Katniss, and Katniss remains devoted to a fresh contestant known as Rue. Through the novel, the group is able to view the ongoing concept of the loyalty, woven between each character.

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