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Competency Statement Essay

The foodstuff served every day includes the meals groups necessary for a balanced diet with dairy. None from the meals have potential choking hazards and all food can be cut with food scissors for my own age group. Monthly, our centre updates each of our allergy notify sheet, which can be posted in every single classroom.

The staff complies to each child’s requires everyday for lunch and snack. I would not change my centers lunch menu because it promotes a healthy diet, satisfies their dietary needs, plus the children love it. As my personal children and their curiosity develop, I modify my place by putting out new toys and games in the centers or rearranging centers enabling exploration, issues, and practice of new expertise. Quiet areas are segregated from raucous play areas to ensure that the youngsters can become completely engaged in their very own activities devoid of disruption.

I believe that kids love to check out and discover, but they also rely on a particular level of predictability, which my own room environment provides through routines and a consistent daily schedule that enables time for changes.

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