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Christian philosophy representation essay

……Life is like a blackboard. It’s empty to start with, so we need to fill this whatever we want but with a virtue. We could not given birth to a purpose, we live for the purpose. And so go ahead and write something with your blackboard……….

Individual is like a crown? Why? Same as a crown, man also have gemstones that which represents, reflecting, radiating him with many splendored factors and areas of being individual – the physical, intellectual, moral, religious, social, politics, economic, mental, sentient, esthetic, sensual and sexual.

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All those splendored personas are items given by each of our creator that people should to cherish and foster. At the same time, these aspects had been bestowed on man and for the purpose to serve for the betterment and perfection not simply for someone man nevertheless for all humanity. For when needed of final reckoning, God will judge guy not relating to his gifts, assets, positions nevertheless according to his performs. As we strive for our living and lives which is JOY, we are likewise striving for our dignity to get dignified to generate it worthy, because dignification without dignity is baseless.

These types of existence of ours learning in the first place is named Essentialism that we could accustomed to act also to develop His gifts pertaining to the betterment or put anything to it.

This section really taught me: For what reason we are in this article? What is the objective of our lifestyle? That gives a definite view and a guide in what to do within my daily lives. I could approach with a increased focus and clarity every day of my entire life. My aims, plans, and goals will be easy for myself now to complete through making use of this goal to one of us. While going after it, we’ll just need to ask some direction and help from Him that He can always there inside our daily attempting. In addition , we really need also to do something upon His accordance, running along quite well deeds and right activities with a virtue. We need to appreciate His different creation same to the way we love ourself such as plant life, animals and our mother Earth.

We’ll just need to show proper care and attention such as certainly not throwing waste anywhere, by simply planting forest and by prohibiting people to firmly avoid hunting any kinds of pets. It helps myself also to get more loyal to God, to get thankful to Him that He provides us a really beautiful your life and splendored body. To provide Him thank you, I just ought to nurture and develops His gifts to us by simply helping various other creation of God rather than to misuse it. These kinds of topics genuinely reflect in my experience that should likewise read by simply all pupils to enlighten them and could use this as their guidance in every area of your life. We only keep on love, trust and faithful to HIM- the creator, OUR GOD.


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