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Challenges of discrimination in health care system

Excerpt from Example:

Hanin from Fresh Haven

This is certainly an individual with earning impairment and requires good care of herself. This wounderful woman has dental issue where her teeth are rotting. She is someone who needs a lot of serious work but she’s unfortunate that she has zero dental insurance. Essentially, she is unable to get dental treatment due to lack of this insurance. She has been keen to look for help and the last was obviously a dental medical clinic that the lady heard about on TV but upon follow-up she was knowledgeable that they no longer took new cases. Coming from her appearance, this sufferer is a young African American female of the age groups of among 20-28 years of age.

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Hanins case is a normal example of where poverty and environment plays a big role in elevating the health care disparity within the US. This can be a lady who may have no work, in effect she’s not able to pay for the insurance on a month to month or twelve-monthly basis. Maybe it is the decaying teeth that prevent her from getting into serious and meaningful career. This means that she will be in this kind of perpetual poor position with out dental insurance for a long time. The come across that Hanin had while using health care program was a distressing one realizing that she may as well be in pains for some time and even reduce her tooth yet the medical system will not help her. The main reason why the person feels the lady received lower than optimal reception was because of her poor status.

Hanin felt disappointed and despaired at the considered not being able to get dental are thus not being in a position of engaging in meaningful career. If provided, the patient would be more than willing to have the dental services as she has recently been looking out for free dental clinics for treatment.

Tamara from Stansted

She is a woman of African American race. She is affected by anemia. With this particular illustration, Tamara experienced driven for the hospital in great and while on her method, she switched on the music so loud in order to drown the pain the girl was sense. Unfortunately, when ever she have got to the hospital, the physician did not believe Tamara that she is at great pain. The doctor informed her that they experienced seen her in her car which if the girl could hear and party to the music that was such loud then your woman was not in pain.

The encounter that Tamara experienced with the medical system was less than pleasant one since the doctor did not focus on the pain that Tamara got, but looked over her as being a liar searching for attention. The most disturbing part of this encounter was the not enough sensitivity towards the needs in the patient nevertheless instead stereotyping her and branding her as a atar. The patient felt disrespected and branded as a liar instead of her medical conditioned getting taken care of, it was less than ideal care for her. This is s classic example of what Area J. W. et. al, (2015) refer to as covert discrimination that they say continue to exists substantially within the American society. The patient may not be interested in coming back to this particular hospital later on. Statistics has it that Latinos and Blacks when they fall season sick are less likely to get effective treatment for treatment of pain in ER.

Marijane from Salem

This is a grandmother who also seems to be of Latino competition. This sufferer suffered from an autumn and was taken to the emergency room. After arrival in the ER, the staff took away her hearing aid therefore incapacitating her even more. Obviously the staff users did not trouble to find out if perhaps she surely could hear possibly slightly without the aid with the hearing aids, or it seems they took all of them away and forgot info in the process. If the daughter showed up, the staff people asked the daughter to get the history of the client where the girl directed these to ask the consumer since she was of sound mind and would answer all of them accordingly. Also at that point the staff members did not

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