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Business profile article


BAYO is sort of a niche store that now competing to other leading specialty retail store. We try to meet the next objectives upon conducting this kind of study: To distinguish the retail format of BAYO and its particular competitors, To examine and understand the company’s retail format, To recognize the advantages and drawbacks of BAYO with its opponents, To identify the strength and the disadvantages of BAYO and aTo help improve the service provided by BAYO to its customers.

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Brief good the company BAYO started out as being a made-to-measure outfit shop in Makati.

The requirement to expand expanded when BAYO launched the ready-to-wear line. In 1992, the growing demand activated the business of Lyncor, Inc., a manufacturing organization, to support BAYO. “BAYO,  an ilonggo term which means, “dress in English was chosen by owners with the company considering they are from Bacolod. BAYO reflects a clean, classic picture. BAYO suits women who incorporate the laid-back, casual lifestyle who have preference for fashionable yet classic apparel.

BAYO is a legs of the actual Filipino can do in the current competitive environment. BAYO takes pride in what it provides achieved like a Filipino retailer and this expresses it is full take great pride in in staying Filipino. It’s this that set the manufacturer apart, its devotion to staying true to its roots as a Philippine brand. It includes no pretensions on the particular brand picture is all about and rather keeps in tune with all the brand’s beginning, which is still Filipino. BAYO involves who the Filipina truly is in all her diverse facets and how she evolves with time but still maintaining her distinct cultural attributes.

Company profile

Persons behind the organization: Lyn Agustin and Corcor Bitong, who owns BAYO. What the company really does: BAYO, a ready-to-wear clothing company this description now has a total of 53 branches ” 18 franchised and forty five company-owned ” within Metro Manila and Bacolod Town.

When the company started: Agustin and Bitong started their particular business in 1992 and started franchising in 2001.

How the company grew: Agustin and Bitong started out a straightforward made-to-measure gown shop in Makati Metropolis. But when their demand and clientele grew, the siblings, together with their husbands, proven Lyncor Inc., a production firm and began industry their could clothing designs in solemn.

BAYO idea

BAYO provides always used pride within our continuous efforts to provide the Filipino individuals with the following:

¢ Top quality Merchandise.

¢ Top quality Service.

¢ Reasonable Prices.

¢ Comfortable and world class searching experience.

¢ Good labor

BAYO started off as a made-to-measure dress store in Makati. The need to broaden grew bigger once BAYO introduced its ready-to-wear line. In 1992, the growing require triggered the establishment of Lyncor, Incorporation., then a manufacturing firm, to aid BAYO.

“BAYO,  an ilonggo term which means, “dress in British was picked by the owners of the firm since they are from Bacolod. BAYO reflects a clean, vintage image. BAYO caters to girls that embody the laid-back, informal lifestyle with preference for stylish but classic clothes.

BAYO is actually a testament of what the Philippine can do in today’s competitive environment. BAYO is proud of what it has achieved as a Filipino retailer and it conveys its full pride in being Filipino. This is what set the brand aside, its devotion to being true to the roots as a Filipino manufacturer. It has no pretensions on what the brand image is all about and alternatively keeps in tune with the brand’s origin, typically Filipino. BAYO revolves around whom the Filipina truly is at all her different aspects and how the girl evolves as time passes but still preserving her specific cultural characteristics.

BAYO’s durability lies in it is ability and skill to create classic and stylish apparel and keeping in touch with what their market needs. Its target is dedicated to its products, thus, making them of good top quality at very economical prices.

BAYO offers typical pieces of ready-to-wear apparel via blouses, shirts, pants, denim jeans, skirts, components such as footwear, bags, charms and other goods, which can be very easily be merged and coordinated. BAYO should create a lifestyle for women by providing them with different range of products.

BAYO’s corporate framework has a incredibly casual environment as well as a friendly atmosphere among management and employees. People treat one another like family, which makes it easy to communicate and deal with the other person. This leads to greatly towards the success of BAYO as it paves just how for a better working environment, which promotes teamwork. BAYO’s national commitment shall be able to present employment and to be able to enhance the local sector to higher amounts. Its objective is to be in a position to penetrate a global market and promote it being a Filipino brand.

Statement with the problem:

1 . What is all their merchandise?

BAYO is focused on providing wide selection of merchandise selection and other components. They did not simply focus on clothes but present complementary equipment to have general makeover.

2 . What is their very own Store Design and style?

BAYO arranged and designed their products in respect to color. This is a good way to attract customer’s attention. The store’s wall is made of a glass so that consumers can see the items through the a glass. They also have chair for customers to sit on while waiting. There is also a separate tray for accessories and every week they have a fresh set of design of their item.

3. Precisely what is their Marketplace Segment?


City and Municipality: Makati City and Taguig Metropolis

Inhabitants Density: City and Suburban

Demographic segmentation

Age: 17-22 and twenty three up

Gender: feminine

Relatives life routine: Single, young, married, in a relationship, hitched with kids, separated while others. Occupation: Youthful urban pros, students, stay at home mom, white back of the shirt jobs.

Psychographic Segmentation

Females usually go to mall to find for a want or to go shopping realizing that females are innately sophisticated. Due to this reason most likely they are the conceivable target audience. While clothing shops the is targeted on women’s apparel, we are aimed towards females which can be willing to submit or take up the latest fashion. Instead of focusing on females inside the upper class, we focused on the marketplace segment at the center class realizing that upper class would rather visit shops having more expensive products.

Behavioral Segmentation

Females generally provide sufficient time in visiting department stores to look for goods that will make all of them feel even more beautiful. They give more work in picking, scrutinizing and deciding on which usually product they want to purchase from the factors of price, design and style, fashion and quality. Generally, females buy a product to obtain self-esteem and be in. Mainly, females who have seek for task, already staff and pupils probably have intention to venture to BAYO store as well as using it for making an application for a job and hang-outs.

Need Segmentation

¢ Females that are looking for classical but casual put on ¢ Add-ons that will complement in the casual wear that will fully satisfy the flavor, preference, occasion, professions and social activities for the customers ¢ Clothing with great and high quality materials you can use in applying in career and occasionally purpose.

4. How come did they situate about that Site?

BAYO’s area in MARKET-MARKET TAGUIG is definitely advantageous since it’s located near for activity middle which you can find a customer, and the location of the retail store is easy to be seen because it is around at access and it is good for competition. BAYO location in Market-Market contains a 96. 55 square colocar and they are one of the branches of BAYO.

your five. What is their very own marketing way and their marketplace positioning? sss Based on declaration, BAYO increased their advertisement by having plenty of billboards. As well, BAYO intentionally use recognized artists in promoting their products so that it will be appealing and convincing. These appeal made these products easy to keep in mind. They also have a firm sale which is held just about every whole month of Come july 1st and the different sales advertising of their retail outlet is with regards to the mall sale. BAYO Organization have a color marketing campaign, those will be Yellow to get Happiness, Pink for Sweet taste, Orange intended for Creativity and Purple intended for Sophistication.

6th. Who will be their competitors?

Their opponents are penshoppe, folded and hung, forever 21, kamiseta, tribal.

several. Who happen to be their target markets?

Their particular target marketplaces are the teenagers or dark ages.

8. Precisely what is their customer care?

BAYO is definitely giving a high customer service by way of providing cost-free iron and fold pertaining to purchased garments. There is also a sales rep assisting the customers in the shower area.

9. How do you deal with your customer’s complaints?

BAYO should know 1st their complaint about their merchandise and give them possible answer to satisfy consumers.

10. Are there your standard customers?

BAYO have their frequent customers just like teens and middle ages.


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