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Business pick a particular internet term paper

Business structure, Business Intelligence, Decision Support System, Hardware

Excerpt from Term Paper:

An expert system that takes into account the constraints of schedules, previous commitments to training and programs the post office personnel must take part in on a periodic basis might all need to be taken into account. A constraint-based expert system would be able to optimize the staff levels, where a rules-based expert system might continually must be updated to reflect the most recent status and schedule of every person.

A c.

Recognize potential scammers in an airport terminal.

The use of a sophisticated AI program would be essential specifically for this kind of application while the many features, factors, parameters and weightings of these particular data components would need to be analyzed in conjunction with one another.

A d.

Buying the stock exchange.

Actually these are generally systems in each of these classes specifically intended for investing in and forecasting different aspects of the stock market. By decision support systems that may accumulate and analyze thousands of data passes and elements to the advancement expert devices that use constraint models to create scenarios, for the use of advanced AI systems that take all relevant factors into account in an attempt to both predict a catalog value in addition to a specific stock price, all these technologies will be extensively used. Of all methods however the most prevalent and successful is a use of expert systems that could use limitations to establish an upper- and reduced of performance for a given stock.

A e.

Employing an employee for any technical job.

An expert program works best for this specific task as it can quickly define the needs for the position and evaluation skills, understanding, and the solving problems ability associated with an applicant.

A f.

Assessing the cause of electricity problems in a building.

The very best type of program to use just for this is a sophisticated AI system that can take into account the many elements that contribute to the causes of power problems within a building. The interaction to systems over the building is usually required as well.

A g.

Analyzing the effects of global warming within the cost of a certain country.

Because a very complicated problem simply by definition, the very best approach would be to use an advanced AI program.

A they would.

Identifying development trends within a certain metropolis.

Actually each one of the systems could be used for this task, yet the many effect will be an expert program that could observe each of the relevant variables after some time and use longitudinal evaluation to determine how their put together effects altered the growth of a given metropolis.

3. Consider the situation when you were asked to took part in an that consulting job for a new pizza sequence, which will mainly sell pizza online. Actually instead of creating new shops, they consider creating a network of existing gourmet local pizza places, which have low or no web-base sales. The part around the project is to provide the security advising of the it program. Provide a memo around 1 page, to state certain requirements in terms of security for the imagined system. You do not have to stipulate products, however you might want to list some choice of COTS available for each of the requirements. Please consider software and hardware requirements related to security, or that contain a security essential component. Assess the need plus the conditions underneath which this kind of item is definitely

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