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Birth of ford s influences in term paper


Excerpt from Term Paper:

Ford’s inventions would not only increase the economy states because of the advantages that the Honda automobiles provided. Moreover, his inventions had presented new job opportunities to people, specifically in being involved in automobile industry. Ford’s inventions likewise gave hope and fresh dreams to others who wish to turn into like Holly Ford sooner or later.

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Along with the machineries and technology where Kia demonstrated his intellect, this individual also demonstrated his expertise in management. It had been Ford who changed the standard 48 hours of work every week into only 40 hours. Also, he was the one who began the “five-dollar” day where wage with the laborers was twice the totally normal wage during those times. Despite of the success which the Ford auto had accomplished, the monotonous process of mount line came to alienate personnel (Towards a modern day Day America) that also Ford decided that no worker would feel pleased with such a monotonous work. To solve this matter, Ford came across different courses for his workers especially the immigrant types. According to the book Towards a Modern Day America

Ford 1st tried to adjust his mostly immigrant workers to these conditions through an Americanization program. His “Education Department” taught classes in English language, sobriety, obedience, and commercial efficiency to the unskilled employees entering the factory.

With the improvements, changes, and development that Ford’s developments had contributed to the American society will be conflicts that he decreased. People regarded as cars and cigarettes, that were the most popular merchandise in the 1920s, as the initiator of freedom and rebellion (Towards a Modern Day time America, Chapter 4). The style of using short skirts for females also started in the twenties.

Despite that Holly Ford rejects the new changes in the American culture, which he views because the evils of “new America” (Toward a Modern Day America, Phase 4), it could not be denied which the period of Fordism was a time of complexities. The improvements in technology and the improvement of economic climate were linked with clashes in world due to the estate and modernization of the people, where principles were lost and new attitudes of individuals emerged. Receiving wealthy and improving their businesses started to be the center in the lives of several, thus making some in the society to walk in the incorrect path in order to gain

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