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Are the five precepts realistic principles for a Buddhist to ...

I personally feel that the five precepts happen to be realistic enough because they are quite similar to the items that a Muslim may or may not carry out.

The reason My answer is this is because I am female and some of such precepts are identical for me to comply with in everyday activities. For example , precept 2: ‘I undertake to abstain from choosing what is not freely given’ In other words, it implies No thieving or any form of exploitation or taking advantage of someone. This should certainly not be hard to follow because, to begin with; this is unlawful and I question it that any other religious beliefs would allow thieving. All of the precepts are really the things i, as a Muslim is not allowed to do, apart from the first one (‘to abstain from doing harm to living beings’).

The reason I possess brought personally into it is because as I said before, I do many of these and I don’t find any of them hard to follow so why should a Buddhist? The obvious reply to the title would be yes, because they are exactly like what people with other faiths should never do. Principle 1 is definitely a simple precept and must be easy to follow, since there are an incredible number of other non-meat eaters from other faiths in our universe and they think it is easy and genuine enough.

I do believe that it is simple to survive if it is a vegan, because there are a lot of different foods to eat except beef etc . Precept number 2 is also realistic since you will never be permitted to steal unless you want to, and if you’re not interested of stealing, then you won’t; so this the first is also reasonable enough as well. I would feel that Precept a few would be a bit harder to follow and less genuine because of what everyone else has been doing at this moment. In the U. T and in the majority of countries se outside marital life is a very common thing and this might attract you in.

I i am not saying that you should, but lots of people would have sexual intercourse for fun which precept may also be interpreted because avoiding any kind of over-indulgence, such as gluttony just like sex to keep things interesting which in this world would be hard to not have. Precept 4 is likewise not as realistic as a couple of & a few because today talking at the rear of people’s shells and laying is such a prevalent thing that even if you don’t want to lie you’ll certainly be forced into it. Precept five is also not realistic mainly because everyone seriously has a slight drink and some Buddhist do, so this is not only a very strong principle; but still this wouldn’t be hard to follow.

Likewise what is the point of following this once some Buddhist’s drink moderately or not really moderately? That they still beverage! Basically I do believe that this is among the most random principle and there is zero point to stick to but the rest of the precepts needs to be realistic enough.

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