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Personal Response to Family of Little Feet Essay

First the story starts out sounding such as a fairytale about a family with little foot and then changes into a tale that is being told about a young daughter and two of her friends that are presented three pairs of high flat shoes to try out with, “…. magic substantial heels”. The ladies each try on and exchange between them three pairs of boots and then commence walking about the neighborhood with all the shoes on and the loudspeaker notes different reactions that they receive in the different people they pass when you wear the shoes.

The speaker states “Down towards the corner the place that the men can’t take their particular eyes away us. We should be Christmas”. They pass a shop owner that requests them if their mother understands they have shoes and boots like that, and he explains to them they can be too fresh to be putting them on. Then the young ladies pass the laundromat exactly where six woman cousins just ignore these people as they walk by in the high heels, and one of the ladies named Lucy states the cousins are jealous.

Lastly they pass a tavern where among the girls, Rachel yells out to the bottom that is standing out front, “Do you like these shoes? ” The bum answers “yes” to Rachel and he asks her identity in which she replies “Rachel”. The ass tells Rachel how fairly she is which her shoes or boots are fabulous. He proceeds to tell Rachel “Rachel, you are prettier than a discolored taxi cab.

You know that”? The other girl Lucy, seemingly knowing better, doesn’t like this encounter together with the bum and tells her friend that “we have to go”. The bum then simply offers Rachel a money for a hug which she seems to be looking at until her friend Sharon grabs her by the palm and starts to run through the bum, whilst he is nonetheless yelling something that the girls aren’t close enough to hear any more.

This clearly scared, at the very least Lucy for the reason that next section begins “We are sick and tired with being beautiful”. Lucy concealed the shoes and then one day her mother was cleaning and threw them away yet “no one complains”. In addition no one gripes when the shoes and boots are disposed of shows that the ladies have had all their first actual encounter while using mature universe awaiting all of them, and they are not ready to enter it at their very own young age ranges.

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