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Management, Study

Mini Case a couple of: Strategy and Serendipity: A Billion – Dollar Paz Key Concern / Issue

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, Serendipity on how two modern prescription drugs were found out.

, Realising a strategy turnout from a serendipity.


, Specialist develop a fresh drug intended for the heart problems, as the drug had been a cure for MED, the supervisor in Pfizer strategise this and produce a this kind of unintended leads to into a blockbuster drug.


, Smart planning of changing a failure of a exploration into an alternate of healing another disease.

Key decision to make

, Although a drug found out to treat drug disease became a failure, and be out to resolve MED problem, thus a fresh strategy to use it must be made Capabilities

, A great unintended approach, which were to cure the heart disease, turn out as t serendipity of curing a another problems, and able to generate income of $3 billion dollars dollar per year. Decision Criteria

, The strategy of the unintended prepare turn out to be a big sum of turnover. Stakeholders

, The investors, research workers, patients.


, The managers of Pfizer, reseachers

Implementation program

, To always have a alternative for any strategy typically under testing.

Vision / Mission / Objectives

, To create a medication to conquer heart disease

, To overcome a mistake, and make a seredipity out of it.


, The smart group on how that they able to strategise the need to the modern drug pertaining to the MEDITERRANEAN SEA and create cash flow stream out of it. Discussion Question

Problem 1

Serendipity is unique from my point of view. Incident of this is definitely not predicted or there could be not any proven statistic from the occurrence physique. Serendipity means a “happy accident” or perhaps “pleasant surprise”, a fortunate mistake. Particularly, the incident of finding something good or perhaps useful while not specifically looking for it.

Question 2

Proper initiative is any activity a discover to explore and develop a cool product and process into fresh markets. In this case, it has been considered an unrealised strategy for the two Viagra and Cialis. The management started their fresh venture to a drug to overcome a heart disease, and it turn to be a cure for ME, in which they have precisely the same market, which is the medical drug source, but for another type of purpose. Having its huge demand around the globe, these kinds of occurrences are becoming a serendipity for them.

Problem 3

The model that explains Viagra/Cialis story can be scenario organizing. In this model, the managers envisions distinct what if circumstance. In the analysis stage, they shall be able to come up with ideas and discover the feasible future situations to assume plausible futures and options. This is what shows in the case study above, because the turnout from a technique of marketing a heart disease medicine was a failure, they flipped it in a alternative for MED remedy disease. The serendipity there exists because the medicine was able to make use of for SCIENTIF. IF, the drug was a failure, then they have need to have already planned or make a plan something to overcome the losses.

Question 4

No, the story of Viagra/Cialis is not going to inspire me to design a strategic management method. I will not really be hoping for serendipity takes place if my strategy neglects, and the making use of the failure as an alternative. Let me only policy for a strategy which can be practical upon that second and prepare for possible upcoming scenario employing different ruse. If some thing happens as this case, i then would make use of this opportunity to utilize it and cover

the loss for my failure, in a simple way saying it to hedge my placement.

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