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Chi square test out study major of the analysis

Scientific Notation, Changing, Marijuana, Alcohol

Excerpt via Research Pitch:

Chi-Square Test Examine

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The focus with the research is to use the Chi-Square analysis to test whether the usage of marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol. Over time, there is high number of related deaths associated with alcohol in america, and equally, there are no related fatalities linked to the Pot use. A written report from Middle for Disease Control and Prevention (2013) reveals there is no category of cannabis related deaths. In California where pot use is legalized, there were more than 9, 500 alcohol related deaths among 2001 and 2005 with no record of marijuana related deaths documented during the period.

Is the make use of Marijuana healthier than liquor in the United States?

Statistical Test towards the Research Question

The chi-square is chosen to the research problem because it is appropriate to test the hypothesis. Typically, the chi-square is used to determine a significant difference between the discovered frequencies and expected eq. The chi-square is appropriate to get the research inquiries because it to be used to determine the big difference between the expected frequency and observed eq of the participants who agree that marijuana use is healthier than alcohol in the United States

Null and Option Hypotheses

Null hypothesis Ho: There is no record significance difference between the fatality linked to Pot use and alcohol in the us.

Alternative Speculation H1: There is statistical significance difference between your death connected to Marijuana use and alcohol in the United States.

Types of Errors

Type -I error and type-II mistake are the type of errors than can occur in this study. First is the probability of making a type-I problem revealing the probability in the study to reject the null speculation when it is the case. In the type-I error, the significance of alpha is usually 0. 05 from a 95% confidence. On the other hand, there is also a 5% possibility that the study will reject the null hypothesis exposing that one away 20 speculation tested is going to result to type-I error.

Beta is the possibility of making various other error, a type-II mistake. The type-II error discloses the probability of accepting the null hypothesis in the next false. Type-II error occurs when the study would not reject the null hypothesis despite that it truly is false. For instance , the type-II error will certainly occur when the study allows that there is no statistical value difference involving the death related to Marijuana work with and alcoholic beverages in the United States and while in reality there is a statistical relevance difference.


This section covers the method of selecting individuals used for the analysis. The id of parameters is also talked about, which the examine attempts to test.


Individuals will incorporate healthcare pros and wellness statisticians across the United States. The research will concentrate on the health-related professionals and health statisticians because these kinds of set of individuals will be able to provide an objective thoughts and opinions on the big difference between the death linked to

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