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A Long Way Gone Research Paper Essay

When people imagine soldiers they think of solid men. Nevertheless , some troops today are child military. At a age kid soldiers seeing and committing horrible functions of violence, which makes them at high risk for mental health issues like Posttraumatic Anxiety Disorder. Many child military are between ages of 15 and 18 years, but some will be as young as a decade old. Too young age kids should not experience murder, rasurado, or even be able to be allowed to kill.

According to Klasen, Oettingen, Daniels, and Adam, Child soldiers make reference to any person who is below the associated with 18 (574). At that age it is a high risk that, that kid could possibly be traumatized. Child soldiers are a couple of the most bothered populations of youngsters and teenagers. According to Klasen, Oettingen, Daniel, and Adam, The experiences the children the children are inflicted about are beatings, torture, observe of killing, and lovemaking abuse (573).

Also, in respect to Klasen, Oettingen, Daniels, and Adam, children that have traumatic experience are more likely to have got mental medical issues (574). One of these problems is Posttraumatic Tension Disorder (PTSD). According to Bayer et. Al and Vinck et, al, child soldiers with an increase of posttraumatic symptoms are less accessible to reconciliation, have got higher feelings of vengeance, and benefit violent varieties of behavior to fix conflicts (Klasen, Oettingen, Daniels, and Mandsperson 580).

Consequently , because of the assault the children happen to be witnessing, they can be developing mental health issues. These types of mental problems are impacting on these harmless kids in very young ages. The main reason is because child soldiers will be witnessing tough, rape, and committing killing.

There should be a great urgent prevent to this so call Kid Soldiers.

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