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A comparison of antigone s and ismene s reactions

Antigone, Sadness, Sophocles

Response Daily news to Antigone

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The tale of Antigone is among the oldest bits of literature that is certainly still becoming studied today. The enjoy is able to explore the psychology of many different characters as they are all required to deal with the death Polyneices. While the differences between how Antigone, Haimon, and Creon respond to the specific situation may be extensively discussed, an additional interesting romantic relationship to analyze in the text is that between Antigone and Ismene. Both siblings experience a tragedy because their brothers kill each other, yet their answers are quite distinct. Antigone’s respond to the sadness is to give attention to the injustice of the scenario and risk herself to create things right, while Ismene is filled with unhappiness, yet anxieties the implications of breaking the law. Both answers are results of love, the specifics of each and every case let a more deeply look into the psychology of these character types.

When studying and discussing the perform of Antigone, Antigone their self is most often seen as the heroin. Yet , it could be argued that Antigone is the reason for the tragedy. If Antigone acquired expressed her grief with Haimon, it is possible that he could have persuaded his dad to lift the law against burying Polyneices body. Also, her allergy decision to kill very little leads to the death of both Haimon and the california king as they are filled up with grief. After thinking through the different endings that could have occurred if Antigone had replied calmer, it really is reasonable in conclusion that Antigone’s plan of rebellion was not the most useful response. Ismene, on the other hand, responds with sadness but no action. It can be argued that the is a even more practical response as it inhibits any further harm, yet with Ismene’s response nothing is actually fixed, it truly is all simply pushed aside as if that did not happen.

After inspecting the practicality of the girls’ responses, the question of values is brought up. Was Antigone doing the proper thing, standing up for her family and offering their self as a sacrifice? Or was Ismene right in avoiding further conflict and just grieving for the loss of her brother and his honor? This is a very challenging thing to analyze as the grief in this situation is practically unfathomable. It might be most reasonable to argue that neither girl was in the right attitude to make a meaningful, practical decision. They have just learned that their very own brothers include killed each other and 1 will perish with exclusive chance, while the additional may not. Considering this situation, it becomes clear that neither girl responded ethically nor almost, but they both responded psychologically according to their own individuality.

The play Antigone simply by Sophocles involves multiple sophisticated situations and relationships, and that of Antigone and her sister Ismene is one of the most intriguing. Watching these young ladies deal with the pain of losing their particular brothers after which deal with the pain of losing one another in difference over the circumstance makes the disaster more powerful. Sophocles is able to incorporate human nature from this situation as both siblings behave impractically and unethically. This is noticed often in every area of your life as well as emotions overcome logic and may lead to even more tragic situations while those that occur in Antigone.

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