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Bowel Cancers The bowel is a very long tube that is made up of the little bowel, intestines and rectum. The bowel absorbs nutrients from meals and also procedures waste products in faeces to get removed from the entire body. Bowel Cancer is malignancy of the anal area or digestive tract.

Bowel tumor develops from small increased growths called polyps that are found in the inner lining with the bowel. These polyps can either be not cancerous and harmless (benign) or they may be cancerous (malignant).

All polyps should be taken out to reduce the risk of these polyps becoming cancerous or growing the disease even more. Most polyps can be removed with out surgery which has a procedure called a colonoscopy. In the event these polyps are not eliminated, they can increase deeper in the bowel and spread in to areas nearby the area and later can distributed to the hard working liver or lung area. Causes Bowel cancer can be hereditary passed down from a before generation but primarily age and lifestyle elements also contribute to the development of intestinal cancer.

Based on the Better Health Channel (BHC)(2011), There is a lot of evidence that having a diet plan that consists of red meat and drinking alcohol can cause the cause of intestinal cancer. Bowel cancer is more common in individuals aged 5 decades or older. In relation to “Lou who is seventy five, eats pork from the cattle from his farm and also drinks liquor, his risk factors intended for bowel tumor was high. This incapability to pass bowel movements confirmed that he previously a very high potential for having intestinal cancer. Symptoms * Bloodstream or mucus in the faeces Weakness and paleness 2. Diarrhoea * Constipation 5. Finding your faeces will be narrower than usual * Feeling that your bowel won’t empty entirely Prevalence prices According to Bowel Tumor Australia (BCA)(2010), Bowel tumor is the in charge of the second biggest cancer related deaths following lung tumor with 14, 234 people being identified as having bowel tumor each year and 4047 deaths occurring due to bowel cancers. The elderly you become more suitable the risk of developing bowel tumor becomes with Cancer Authorities Australia CCA)(2011), quoting that 1 in 12 Australians develop intestinal cancer prior to the age of eighty five. Bowel cancer is the most treatable cancer of course, if detected and removed early on, the cure charge is 90%, however in most cases, bowel cancer is diagnosed in its later stage and so has a 60% cure rate. Table: Age vs Number of cases. Obtained from Aussie Institute of Health and Wellfare (2006). Socio-Ecological Model Socio-Ecological Model (SEM) is a framework that recognises the relationship that may be present between an individual as well as surrounding environment.

This model examines not only in a individual minimizing risk and improving wellness but as well looks at the exterior environment. Included in this are the public coverage, the community, organisations, interpersonal as well as the individual themselves. People who are diagnosed with bowel malignancy can experience psychological challenges due to the shock of under-going the techniques when diagnosing the cancer (such as colonoscopy) or by during the treatment where the doctor has to operate on the patient.

Mainly internal affects may come from the fear of death and will lead them to pull away themselves coming from friends and family bringing about the victim not being socially active rather than having that interconnection that is had to get through the mental trauma that can be connected when dealing with bowel tumor. In this case the SEM could be implemented as for a patient that is certainly suffering from emotional problems as they would need good interpersonal interactions (friends and family) and organisational participation (social institutions) to be there to help the individual deal with their illness as best as possible.

Just as the case of “Lou from your case study, he’s moving 60 km faraway from his house, friends and family and thus could lead him to feel that this individual can’t interact with anyone and lead to mental and social consequences which include depression. Interpersonal Services and Programs There are plenty of support groups and services available to help a cancer sufferer when needed. If these are utilised, it can be useful in dealing with the emotional and social affects that come with the illness.

These include: 5. Homecare: This kind of I if a social employee or health professional provides a tumor patient with their basic requirements e. g. running chores, preparing dishes, medication delivery and can possess regular appointments from physical therapists. This is a good asset while patients frequently feel more comfortable in their own house where they can be close to family and friends. This sets a great demand on other people like social workers, nurses and physical therapists to try out a major part for home attention to be obtained. This is also applied from the (SEM). Social employees: Can either be viewed at home from your own home care or cancer patients can go find social personnel. Social employees can offer guidance, counselling for future years, access to organizations and recommendations to specialists. This is certainly good as it could help a cancer sufferer during along with they have cancers. * Cancer rehabilitation applications: The Tumor Nutrition Therapy Program offers cancer sufferers information about diet plan, physical activity, treatment and other should successfully become rehabilitated.

The social member of staff helps the sufferer obtain the requires necessary and offer them basic direction on how to become and look after a healthy express after tumor. Conclusion Bowel cancer could be successfully remedied and healed if early detection is manufactured. This early on detection can heighten the probability of survival in that case if it is available at a later stage. Regular checkups for people over 50 years old are necessary to make certain this early on detection arises. While an individual is liable to obtain a healthy lifestyle, other factors need to be taken into consideration as outlined from the SEM.

If persons and the surrounding environment happen to be linked together as one then becoming and staying healthy may be achieved. Reference List. 1 . Polglase A (2010) Let’s conquer bowel tumor. Australian Druggist. Vol twenty nine, issue a few, 414-416. Readily available from, http://ea3se7mz8x. search. serialssolutions. com/? ctx_ver=Z39. 88-2004, ctx_enc=info%3Aofi%2Fenc%3AUTF-8, rfr_id=info: sid/summon. serialssolutions. com, rft_val_fmt=info: ofi/fmt: kev: mtx: journal, rft. genre=article, rft. atitle=Let%27s+Beat+Bowel+Cancer, rft. jtitle=Australian+P

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