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Surviving in Jakarta is not that different than moving into the Dominican Republic. For example , they have similar geographic features, weather condition etc . Most of the people earn money in the same techniques, and the types of homes persons live in are likely the same.

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The Dominican Republic just like Jakarta can be found around the north of the equator, making the weather hot and humid. This also means that both countries get convectional rain (a type of rainfall cycle, for countries surrounding the equator). Because they are both positioned near the equator, they have two main seasons, the stormy season as well as the dry time.

The Geographic features in Jakarta are very similar to the geographic features in the Dominican Republic. Like Jakarta it has soaring Mountain Ranges and in locations vast green fertile area and fabulous beaches. This influences the tourism rate for both these countries, meaning the air pollution rate in both countries is very substantial. Due to this, both these countries are believed third world countries. Both these countries are in the ring of fireplace, meaning there are lots of volcanic breakouts. This influences people a whole lot, because they need to know what to complete if a volcano explodes!!

Jakarta and the Dominican Republic, staying both very poor countries, suffer from money problems. There are two main residential areas in these countries. Firstly the rich. These individuals have big, high up careers, earn plenty of cash and live in big houses. The poor have small roadside stalls and live in dirt houses and slums. That they earn about 2months from the rich persons salary in one year. The two countries will be steadily developing, but support is needed for those who need help. Those who have not any arms or perhaps legs, people who have money issues etc .

The streets in the two countries are of a poor standard. The top main highways have only a small amount of lane, meaning that persons drive on the line, meaning LARGE traffic jams. The smaller tracks are full of pyholes, which is a significant danger to all motorcyclists, who choose cutting the queue. It can cause severe traumas or maybe even fatality. The draining systems are incredibly inefficient! Since these countries are subsequent to the equator (this means they have two main seasons, the stormy season plus the dry season) during the wet season, roads would have surges, meaning individuals are stuck in traffic jams for 4-5 hours.

The of normal water and electric power come in great quantities towards the rich. For the poor, they get electric power but it will go of or perhaps hours on end. This kind of influences persons because they must get used to playing outside and entertaining themselves for the tome when ever there is no electrical power. The water they get originates from the rain. That’s why around the roads a large number of people hope that it down pours. In Jakarta especially, people count on rice. They don’t consider it meals, if there is not any rice.

In summary, both these countries have related living models, and are identical in many ways. Likewise both these countries, since they are poor need help, to allow them to thrive and live like the majority of 1st community countries.

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