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Q. one particular What are the benefits of working in a enviornment like the one made by accenture? Ans1: Exactly what the disadvantage? Ans. Advantages of doing work in avirtual environment is useful to business organisations as it allows them in following ways: 1) electronic environment assists develop and improve the efficiency of the organisations.

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2) functioning virtually helps them to collect and share data easily even if they are faraway from each other. 3) virtual environment helps make decisions quickly and reliable. 4) easy access to global conferences. 5) helps in reducing expense expenses. Cons: 1) one on one interaction can be not possible.

2) may require hefty cost of, to keep up information program. 3) in the event system neglects then doing work of the company also fails which leads to numerous inconveniences. Queen: 2 do you want to work in a business like Accenture? Why or perhaps Why not? describe your answer. Ans two: Yes, I want to operate a company like Accenture. Since Accenture individuals are some of the most innovative, forward-thinking persons in the business universe. They come via a wide range of social, educational and geographic experience and are able to work in a dynamic and professional environment that principles each individual’s perspective.

The various points of perspective they deliver lead to excellent business alternatives for Accenture and companies. We proactively capitalize about business and technology chances that enable higher amounts of performance. Queen. 3 What types of companies can benefit from getting run nearly like Accenture? Could most companies become run practically like Accenture? Ans three or more: Companies whose major part of their particular working will depend uponoutsourcing, that has workforce diversity and businesses who present their customers benefit based top quality services with shared understanding through internet would be taken advantage of.

No, every companies can not be run nearly like Accenture as this is rather than an easy action to take. It requires an excellent co-odination between the employees weighty installation expense of information program etc . which might be difficult for several organization to implement with. Q. 4 According to Accenture, how can information technology help create high-performance organization? Ans: Accenture research indicates that high-performance businesses view IT being a strategic asset”a source of both equally operational excellence and competitive advantage.

The Strategic IT Effectiveness (SITE) experts support top management adopt that mindset and achieve greater business worth from IT. We have a perspective: IT is not merely a expense but a major contributor to the business, focused on improving business value and performance. Our specialists are experienced with bold, value-creating approaches to THAT, bringing boardroom-relevant criteria to IT purchases and helping high-performance businesses to “think bigger” about IT’s ability to improve working results

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