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Marketing, Approach

The product that I will probably be proposing inside the meeting will be a video game named FaDream. FaDream’s platform will be connected to the FaDream Game Web site. This website may have a collection of down-loadable games pertaining to the users.

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The users of FaDream will need to get the account to the FaDream Game Site in order to gain access to numerous game titles of all sorts. They will be billed with membership rights fees monthly in order to stay connected. Besides this they are going to have to get a platform with remotes, digital gaming products, etc .

There have been video games before but what makes this one not the same as the rest is the video game will only work once it is coupled to the internet. It will be linked to a website called which will possess a collection of downloadable games.

Persons might believe such technology is absolutely nothing new because of the online games present on the internet through the computer. FaDream cannot be compared with online gaming as the experience that the players will get with FaDream will be unequaled. What makes this system new is a quality, supply and selection of games present at all times.

You will see no more hassle of buying expensive CDs through the store and taking care of all of them. There will be you can forget hassle of repairing the sensitive contact lens in the computer game platform. All the users will need is the platform and an internet connection. The technology will probably be successful as a result of widespread use of internet previously all over the world. One other factor making this different from everything else on the market is the cost.

FaDream will probably be Entertainment with Affordibiltiy. The cost of the platform would have been a fraction of what is purchased other game titles in the market which is what makes this device is feasible. To be more precise the cost range of the platform will fall season within $80 to $90 and besides this the membership service fees will be around $7 a month.

This is exactly about the product and price of FaDream. This project will be joint venture with XYZ Firm which previously has a name in the market to achieve confidence of its viewers.

The target market that we will be satisfying with this technology will be central class men and women within the a long time of almost 8 to 30 years. The age range is so significant because of the number of games on the FaDream portal. It includes games for every gender and age. It will probably be advertised in magazines all over the world. Different mediums of advertisement that is used could be the internet and television.

The logo which will be utilized for advertisement will probably be Entertainment with Affordability. Following an intense advertisements campaign that will inform the group about the item, FaDream will probably be launched throughout the world. After this kick off, the advertising strategy will probably be changed as well as the advertisements can become persuasive. When the audience features knowledge about the product, they will must be convinced that they need to have it with them.

To summarize, this product is completely new available in the market and this is its power but we must not forget which the market continues to be taken over by very strong competition. Getting people to realize FaDream coming from among every other video game would have been a threat and a challenge. We should ensure that the marketing strategy that will be employed by all of us must have zero limitations as a good online strategy will be the only option.

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