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12 angry men discovering things by a different

A dozen Angry Men highlights the value of viewing things coming from more than one point of view. Reginald Rose’s Twelve Upset Men is a play relating to 12 jury men whom experience the difficulties of visiting a unanimous decision relating to a 16 year old homicide suspect. In this case the importance of seeing items from more than one perspective is pertinent as a youthful boy’s lifestyle hangs in the balance. Flower highlights this through Juror 3 and 10’s filter minded landscapes and the ways in which they must end up being persuaded.

It is also seen simply by Juror almost 8, who seems it only right to have each side in the story separated and talked about thoroughly.

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Increased uses Juror 3 showing that certain jurors are wrong and that if they are not permissive and put their very own personal prejudices aside they are really bound to react unacceptably and become viewed adversely. Juror 3’s biases and stubborrness to see items from the eyes of others actually restricts him from doing justice and giving the boy the trial he deserves as does every individual, according to the American Constitution.

He is immediately vocal about the supposed simplicity of the watch case and the evident guilt from the defendant if he says ‘The man’s elegance killer.

You might see it. ‘ From the beginning it can be evident that Juror a few is narrow-minded and only recognizes things in one perspective; his own. While the story unravels Juror a few is seen as chaotic and a bit crazy therefore why Juror 5 demands ‘What’s the situation with you? ‘ when he copies the stabbing of the sufferer. Because of Juror 3’s intense and stubborn nature he can unable to see that the defendant and his boy are two different people plus the importance of the trial and what it will mean to the sixteen year old young man if discovered guilty.

This individual thinks he can doing the world good by simply getting rid of one among ‘them’ consequently clouding his vision and making it impossible to do justice, which is similiar to Juror 12. Juror 15 also would not see things from a perspective various other then his own which makes it very hard to persuade and provide him to be able to see things how they ought to be seen. Juror 10’s arrogance and bigotry prevent him from discussing the evidence smoothly and frequently provides him asking things such as ‘How can you make up a thing like that? He will not see whatever in any way through which isn’t just how he landscapes things to be and tosses aside anything at all different.

This kind of also halts him coming from carrying out justice and blocking an faithful life via being taken away. It is only by the end of the play when he seems he is without other decision but to transform his have your vote to ‘not guilty’ when he sees his opinion is wrong and has affordable doubt. That’s exactly what becomes even more open minded which is the feature one particular Juror has had through the entire entirety of the play.

Juror 8 puts himself inside the boys shoes and boots and outdoor sheds light on to different ways by which things may be portrayed as a result bringing justice to the case. It is obvious that Juror 8 can be open minded if he says, ‘If i were the boy I would have asked for a unique lawyer’ as it shows that he can thinking outside the box and placing himself in the defendant’s sneakers. He is displeasure with how the trial have been handled consequently motivating him to push other jurors to have open mind and see not all the specifics match up as it should and that you will discover cracks inside the evidence.

He always uses the words ‘maybe’ or ‘possible’ to get the jurors thinking and to help make it them discover for themselves without too much force. Only Juror 3 and 10 because seen above will need extra persuading due to their inability to put aside their bias. In closing, it really is plain to determine that to ensure justice to be done almost all jurors should be able to see things from different perspectives. Juror a few and twelve, whether they desire a helping hands along the way by open minded Juror 8 to help these groups build a bridge to overcome their bias in the end they get there.


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