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Why i would like an master of business

Excerpt from Dissertation:


Completing the MBA plan will build on my existing bachelor’s amount of business supervision in marketing and provide me personally with the specialist credentials I want to continue my relationship building with key members of the Kuwaiti finance industry. In addition , completing the MBA program will provide myself with the improved business perception that is needed to compete efficiently in the 21st century industry as well as the capacity to apply what I have learned from the course work at work. Finally, via a totally pragmatic point of view, completing the MBA software will also help me earn a lot more over the course of my career than I could probably earn or else and allow me personally to contribute to organizational achievement in more meaningful ways.

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What are your strengths and achievements?

My own strengths consist of superior interpersonal skills along with being a careful, honest and enthusiastic worker. Moreover, I am able to speak, read and write English and Arabic fluently. Further, I have extensive knowledge in making use of information technology methods to a wide array of banking operations. My achievements contain being an honor student for 4 years in a line, receiving my personal certified corporate governance officer designation from the London College of Business and effectively completing the graduate creation program to get banking and financing careers competencies implemented by the Company of Bank Studies in Kuwait in which I accomplished 22 courses worth 340 credit hours through the period coming from November 2014 to 03 2015.

Additionally , I have set up solid organization relationships with a number of key financial services employees in Kuwait, including associates of the Plank of the Directors at Ahli United Bank Kuwait (AUBK), as well as the Bank’s executives, and highly important individuals at the Central Bank of Kuwait and Capital Marketplace Authority. Also, I definitely participated in the development of the AUBK 2015 annual statement as well as becoming responsible for maintaining the Bank’s corporate governance section upon its established Web site.

What do you think are the most effective weaknesses and what are you doing to fix them?

Most likely my biggest weakness is actually a lack of effective time managing skills. In some instances, I have been confronted with so many responsibilities at once that this has been difficult to prioritize these people in order to accurately determine what must first become accomplished before moving on to other issues. In other cases, this weak spot has also negatively affected my own ability to meet up with deadlines. In answer to this some weakness, I have applied various period management approaches such as producing prioritized prospect lists each day to distinguish what jobs must be accomplished first. In addition , a lesser, but still salient and associated weak point, is my own tendency to procrastinate once confronted with odious or highly time-consuming responsibilities. In response to the weakness, as part of my own efforts to boost my time-management skills, I use also began taking quick action

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