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Why are internet sites useful for world

Modern Society, Modern tools, Social Networking

It is hard to imagine modern world without computers, i . t and the Net, as they have taken a unique place in life of each person. Social networks and communication technology are very well-liked. There is opportunity to communicate with family who will be away from all of us. You will acknowledge that it is extremely convenient. Nevertheless, scientists will be increasingly worried about the impact in social networks of men and women. I would like to comprehend what good or bad hide social networks.

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On the one hand, social networks and communication technology provide chance to communicate with co-workers, relatives and friends, whom are living in several cities and countries, and to make new friends. Social networks can be used as a tool for self-development. Here you may listen good music, view cognitive videos, learn overseas languages, browse interesting catalogs. Along with this, great example of such and connection technology can help during the educational process. With the help, you are able to exchange notes from a class, assignments to get laboratory function and other beneficial information. Which is a system for business advancement. Here you can advertise your web store, a web design and style studio or maybe a rock school. You can find new customers and multiply the number of regular customers.

On the other hand, as a result of abundance of entertaining, succinct, pithy and often unneeded garbage info, the time was spending in the social network in addition to communication technology is significantly increased. This forwarding period can negatively effect on our overall health, because a massive amount information typically tires and loads the nervous program. The without is that a person manages to lose the skill of genuine communication, when he is used to communicating online. Corresponding in social networks, people often do not observe the rules of sentence structure and punctuation, use slim vocabulary, feelings are replaced by emoticons all this negatively affects communication in the real world. Another drawback is dependence on social networks and communication technology as a telephone. According to statistics, kids spend weekly in social networks: from several to 16 hours 23%, 14-21 hours 57% and even more than 21 years old hours 20%. Every fifth child spends one of the 7 days of the week on a online social network.

Undoubtedly, social networks and communication technology affect a person. The most important thing is to strategy everything while using mind: tend not to waste your time and efforts, because period is the most valuable thing that we have. It is necessary to effectively use these opportunities which can be provided to us simply by social networks and communication tools. Internet communication should go with life, and never be the foundation of all each of our activities! Internet sites can bring lots of benefits. But the abuse of community networks can lead to dependence, loss of attention, waste of resources, alienation and stupefaction. Social support systems are both negative and positive. It is within our power to consider from them the particular good and weed out unhealthy.

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