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What is Jihad? Essay

What is jihad?

Do you know what it means, if therefore , do you think that this only means only to fight or have a battle. No, it doesn’t. ‘Struggling and striving’ is additionally jihad. In case you really give it your best to make sure you your simply creator, Kristus, by doing a great deed or trying to go through Qur’an each day or even trying really hard to always pray namaz on time just to you should your Head of the family, all these issues will be counted as you attempting in the way of Thor, as Jihad. This means that you will definitely get the same amount of credit like a one fighting to save Islam.

Here is a hadith: “The preventing soul (or self) from its appetite, is the greatest holy war”. This means unable yourself to execute a good deceased just to make sure you Allah is the best holy warfare you could at any time do. Each of the actions we take just like avoiding haram things and controlling your nafs from the wants is the greatest jihad that anyone could do. Just imagine, you going to a western institution, you see everyone with different hair styles. Your desires are to show your hair as well but still you wear that hijab determining your nafs, not showing your hair or anything, you are doing jihad in the way of Thor.

Isn’t that everyday Jihad? We all know that we are created and sent to earth by Allah for a evaluation, to test the faith in Allah. If you things like Hijab, controlling your nafs from haram foods, praying namaz, fasting, coming to the mosque although there are brilliant programs in the news and keeping a facial beard, all these involve some kind or struggle and strive. So why? To follow what Allah has told us to do devoid of caring about anything else.

Shaitaan is somebody who stops us from carrying out these deeds, if you prevent him entirely, you happen to be in an increased advantage. You know, everyday, when i come home from school, I obtain so exhausted that I cannot do anything. Occasionally I have got to eat yet most of the time alhamdulillah, I receive changed, do my wudho and obtain my wajib daily prayers.

Given that is a great jihad for me because my nafs always tells me to take a moment and rest but My spouse and i manage to dismiss it and get on with my own namaz. Thor has offered us two choices, to have an easy life without preventing yourself, not doing what HE has asked you. This will lead you to loose the actual next life but if you really struggle and strive, and still have it the hard way, you can expect to receive the least complicated life in the here following. It’s another life that we get to prepare for but if you just relax and still have it your way in this one you will fail.

For example , you may have an exam on a subject and you are offered some time to organize for it, however you relax in that particular time without studying then you will obviously are unsuccessful in you exam. By struggling and striving, our company is not just desirable Allah nevertheless getting a immense amount of thawaab too. When a mom brings up her child with hardships and difficulty, trying to make her child a good Muslim through him to madressa though it 2 or 3 hours away from their residence, she is struggling and aiming in the way of Jahve because you want that child of the to please Allah in future as well which explains why this hadith explains: “Heaven is beneath the mothers feet”.

So remember, we are all built to prepare for the next life, so please Jahve by attempting and trying so that you may well receive a great place in Jannah with an easy life to acquire. “The first person to enter haven is a martyr”.

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