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What is annie john about

Annie Ruben, Book Review, Brief Story

Annie John is a story of any life of any young young lady and her relationship with her mother. The story starts out with Annie being a decade old and has a very close bond with her mother. During the summer season her mom lets her sleep in, takes hot baths with her and adds seasonings to relax these people. She will take her in the town and shows her how to shop for produce and get the best money saving deals. Annie perceives her mom as very beautiful and incredibly wise. That doesn¢t speak much regarding her father but just that he has many associates and children before her mother and her mother is often screamed at within the streets simply by these ladies. One day Annie came home from school to look for her father and mother making love and she feels by itself. She is jealous and turned down when she sees these people because she gets like she actually is not component to their union. She genuinely looks at her mother coldly because of this because she experienced betrayed of their special marriage.

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Annie starts institution and finds a girl and quickly becomes best friends with her. Girls name is Gwen. In school Annie is loved by all the instructors because of her good composing skills and good grades and also by simply all the kids because the girl with good at sports and your woman stands up for all. Annie and Gwen walk to and from institution everyday nevertheless Annie shortly learns that she is employing their friendship to help ease her emotions of being neglected by her mother, and she also learns that it is no longer working very well. The lady then discovers another girl to be friends with who also calls her self the Red Woman. This girl is definitely not like Annie and starts to get her in trouble. She lies, takes on dirty and steals issues. Her mom catches her one day with her taken items and demands that she is showed the rest of the things. Annie refuses everything and takes joy in her mother¢s inability to find these people. The Crimson Girl quickly moves apart and Annie learns to grow up.

Annie begins to get bored at school and begins to read forward in her books. The girl finds a photo of Captain christopher Columbus in jail and writes next to it Å”A great gentleman can no longer move. The teacher finds this kind of and Annie is punished for her inappropriate behavior. The girl with disciplined by school and then returns house in hope of getting comforted by her parents. Only that her parents seem to be to into each other and don¢t even recognize her agony. Annie today feels total betrayal of her mother and grows hatred on her behalf. She goes into a state of depressed and it is bed ridden for three months. No in is able to cure her sickness until her grandmother comes and just sits with her, holding her night following night.

After Annie turned seventeen, she chooses to keep Antigua and goes to Britain to study breastfeeding. On her visit to the boat which will separate her from her family, your woman thinks about her childhood and the love presently there used to end up being and understands there is no place for her in her house anymore. She gets included with big expectations of the future and disregards her parent¢s wave¢s goodbye

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