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Was steve brown a terrorist

John Brown

Was John Brown a terrorist?

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Today, Many perception of terrorism is dependent on the Sept 11th attacks back in 2001. However , the usage of force and violence to progress political means is not just a new concept. It date ranges all the way back to the period of antebellum, where nation’s initial terrorist wiped out in the name of abolitionism. His name was John Brownish, and was more than just a martyr for many reasons.

1st, John Dark brown was a terrorist simply by its definition. Terrorism is defined as the use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of political desired goals, both of which will Brown engaged in for the years preceding the civil battle. Brown wiped out many people in hopes of preventing slavery from overpowering Bleeding Kansas. He tried to prevent slave-owners and even citizens that support it nevertheless don’t very own any slaves themselves by establishing a political presence there in fear that Kansas will become a slave state. This individual even slain abolitionists he thought were not passionate enough. One of them was a slave who had been looking for a missing guard. Brown shot the slave lifeless even though having been strongly against the use of slaves.

Second, John Brown was obviously a terrorist because he targeted particular individuals rather than killing just to make a point. Dark brown would “go after particular men who had been dangerous towards the very success of free-state settlers in the area” (Chowder 320). Actually Brown might kill these people during the night, in order to was darker and arrived as more of a surprise. This got never been done just before, even among criminals, and can this component of shock could considered the start of modern terrorism. Brown got specific objectives in mind with very carefully deemed plans, showing that this individual intended to cause harm to individuals and not blindly guard a cause such as a martyr might.

Finally, Ruben Brown was a terrorist because he went out of his approach to be terrible to his victims. The first model is when he killed all of James Doyle’s family. These people were abolitionists just like him, nevertheless he visited their house to “split open heads and cut off arms” because he family didn’t combat the pro-slavery forces (Chowder 316). Then simply, after stabbing, Brown put a single bullet in Mister. Doyle’s head. Another case is the two slave owners in the cottage ” Brownish forced them to walk with him for the creek where he decapitated them. Clearly this individual wants to affect fear inside their hearts rather than just destroy them and make a point.

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