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War on drugs and prison overcrowding analysis

The war on drugs in the United States is a pricey and deadly ongoing battle that has not yet been won. The definition of war on drugs provides medicine distributors with additional income due to the illegal characteristics of drugs. Us citizens do not have readily accessible easy access to a lot of types of medication that are illegitimate. Because drugs are illegal that is enough for many people to actually want drugs. This can be a major problem faced today inside our prison systems throughout the United States.

Especially in the state of Washington dc where various people find their way into our criminal justice system because of many factors stemming by drug use. We are going to check out how the war on drugs be involved in California’s overpopulated prisons.

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Additionally , we will discuss 3 proposals to aid decrease the overpopulation due to the battle with drugs. It can be true that once a person is convicted and sentenced to prison; he or she has an increased probability of returning to prison.

The pace as of 2010 was at 71. 3 percent of prisoners on leitspruch return to prison (Stevenson & Anderson, 2011). This is a great alarming rate and much has to be configured in reducing this excessive percentage.

Battle with Drugs and Crowded Prisons

In the state of California we have a major problem that was tackled in 2011. The void of concern involved the overpopulation of prisons throughout the point out. The overcrowding of the jail system in California violates the United States Cosmetic (Li, 2011). This was dominated by the Us Supreme The courtroom. The added difficulty to the overpopulation is the fact that California goes through a economical hardship. Because of this there is not enough money in the budget to build more prison that does not violate the constitution. It may also mean that the many prisons built over the state written for the economical issues experienced throughout California(Li, 2011). The facts remain that California usually spends about your five billion dollars per year jailing and taking good care of the growing inmate populace (Li, 2011).

The inmates housed in jails and prisons throughout the state are not being rehabilitated. There is a difficult integration confronted by paroled inmates to reintegrate into society. There is a mark in the or her record that validates the as a found guilty felon. Many leave the prison program with nowhere fast to go and end up desolate to return to the streets. With inadequate casing and no task the penitentiary system becomes a revolving door throughout the inmate’s life (Li, 2011). Prescription drugs play a major role in recidivism as well as the initial sentencing to penitentiary. The United States spends 51 billion dollars annually financing the war on drugs. The question may be asked and argued if the war on drugs is a successful mission. Chief executive Richard Nixon officially started the war on drugs in 1971 (Drug Policy Alliance, 2012). There is skepticism in relation to how come and how is this war on prescription drugs being fought or if we actually like a country pro-active against medicines crossing each of our borders. This year federal charges that sentenced convicts to imprisonment contains 197, 050 people.

With this population 94, 600 of those federally convicted felons were sentenced due to drug expenses (Gillard, 2013). In 2011 express charges consisted of 1341, 804 convicts were sentenced to prison. Between these inmates incarcerated 240, 242 had been sentenced due to drug fees (Gillard, 2013). Not only are convicts sentenced for medicine related fees or additional charges just like theft and murder that stem via drug consumption or drug financing; there is an additional issue faced within the prison program in California. Drugs discover their way in through prison surfaces and distributed to inmates state large. The money gained from the sales and syndication of narcotics fund bande and their plan. This funds also cash the medicine kingpins inside the state, region and overseas to continue operation. The war on drugs does not appear to generate a major transform or move to the medicine lords and the subordinates that continue to function within the point out crossing the usa border to get distribution.

Precisely what are some things which can be done to help the fight with the war against drugs? If the ideas exhibited were put into use in a aggressive manner, it is also possible to help reduce the inmate population not only point out wide, as well country large. The decrease of inmates is the goal in the state of California and AB109 is probably not the answer in releasing inmates and sending nonviolent inmatesto jails by prison. Reducing inmate inhabitants can help individuals feel safe in their community and provide the state with sufficient funding for other jobs needed. With this it is possible to redouble our focus as a contemporary society and lawbreaker justice specialists to help inmates reintegrate in society within a productive method. There are many advantages to try new innovative ideas to ensure that the fight against drugs and minimize inmate inhabitants. The paragraph followed is going to introduce personal innovative tips that can possibly help the war against medicines along the edges in California and the region.

Proposals for Overcrowded Prisons and Warfare against Medications

As a country and tax paying resident we dedicate entirely too much money annually to fund the war against medicines. Again this has been an issue heading back at least 42 years ago since Director Richard Nixon initialized the war against drugs marketing campaign. I feel it can be our duty as both equally state and federal police force professionals to get stiffer by our edges and within the state of California. Which means that there should be a zero threshold level started against those individuals or sets of people that cross our edges with narcotics. The fines should include joint establishment with all the Mexican Federal government to incarcerate and convict those crossing the region illegally. Incarceration should be maximized and the charges for this kind of acts should include death. Retaking our region is a key essential task that must under no circumstances be sacrificed.

It is crucial that we safeguard our borders and our citizens against such functions of offense. It is my thoughts set that drugs that cross the borders bring about murder, fraud, rape, kidnapping, assault, medications, terrorism and many other crimes that stem in the sale and distribution of drugs. We must make our work to go ahead and take out individuals groups or perhaps individuals that come with an agenda of bringing contraband across the borders. If this sounds a war against prescription drugs then we should treat it as such. From the war I know about there is absolutely no tolerance against certain problems and should be dealt with immediately. The United States Great Court addressed the concern in California to get the overcrowded prisons. STOMACH 109 was obviously a bill passed to help reduce the prison populace to 137. 5 percent (Li, 2011). This is not a solution since many inmates are released and went back to our world un-rehabilitated.

Because of the financial situation encountered in Cal it is regrettable that treatment does not consider priority in our jails andprisons. The objective was going to reduce the jail population being in federal government and point out compliance. This is needed in order that inmates aren’t housed in a fashion that takes away their particular liberties protected by the Usa Constitution. We need to look into building relations with privatized penitentiary systems in which nonviolent inmates can be located and rehabilitation can be a focus for reintegration into contemporary society. This can help decrease the current entrée faced inside our jails and prisons over the state and may help the warfare against prescription drugs. Providing jobs for privatized prison workers alleviate the issue of overcrowded prisons is needed. We could utilize specialists to treat those inmates with drug habit problems that support land him or her into incarceration. We are able to do it by providing even more jobs in privatized prison that in turn provide the state even more financial earnings.

With this we can target our efforts to rehab process pertaining to inmate reintegration into each of our society. My third proposal is focused about educating the city through social websites, television, city council meetings and so on about the war against drugs and the fight against crime inside their local community. We really need our community law enforcement involved teamed up with citizens in order that we because society experience safer about reporting criminal activity and behavior. This kind of activity is actually being done in Upland, A bunch of states. Not necessarily because manner on the other hand citizens can log onto the city website and view the criminal offense mapping approach to the city. With this citizens are choose essential information concerning regional crime in the immediate area. This makes myself feel secure because I reside in Upland, California and also have utilized it.

Armed with knowledge of crimes in most areas my own neighbors and I are on the look-out pertaining to suspicious activity and statement it to the Upland Authorities Department. We have to provide more programs that help police involve the community. The community allows local police force with arresting those doing crime and selling drugs: and as citizenship I can feel safer within my community with the knowledge that the local law enforcement officials is on side with featuring me and my family with safety. Pro-activeness from both equally sides of the community and law enforcement is a important role in the fight against crime and the war against drugs. Get back our pavements with vindicte as a citizen with the help of the state and federal police agencies.

Bottom line

Not only in california state is the battle with drugs a major problem. We encounter this problem like a nation and a global size. I feel you need to focus each of our attention locally that can stem into a country wide solution pertaining to the conflict against drugs. Drugs wreck the lives of the scammers involved and many importantly the innocent people that do not have any relations to criminal activity. As a point out we are facing a financial concern that needs to be tackled immediately. We are also facing a crisis regarding the over-crowded prisons and jails within the express of A bunch of states. AB 109 is not the answer we should release inmate and return non-violent to jails by prison.

We need to focus on rehab programs, privatizing prison systems that permit such treatment to can be found. We need to deal with at each of our borders with a zero tolerance for contraband across each of our borders. We must work with other governments such as Mexico to assist enforce a zero patience against prescription drugs and criminal offense. We need to react and real estate these pets or animals is not the answer. The drug cartel is a strong organization as well as the only approach we can even begin to discover improvement is to fight and eliminate the adversary at all cost. I’ve provided you with imperative information about the crisis in California with statistical information as well as several proposals that may help provide careers, state revenue, safer community, and battle against criminal offense and battle with drugs. If this is indeed a war enacted by President Nixon in 1971 then we must fight that like a battle.


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