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Volkswagen s online marketing strategy in india

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Volkswagens Marketing Strategy in India


On December 21, 2009, Volkswagen India Private Limited (Volkswagen India), the group company

Of Vw Group India, announced that that aimed to sell off 300 models of Beetle, its iconic car, in India in the year 2010. The Beetle was launched in India on January 04, 2009. Raj Instruit, Business Head of Vehicle mark Motors, a Vw dealer in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India, said, There are previously over 169 advance bookings across India, and we include started providing the cars as well. Going by initial euphoria, we anticipate to sell around 300 Beetles in 2010.

Vw Group India, the Of india subsidiary of leading vehicle manufacturer, Vw AG (Volkswagen), based in Wolfsburg, Germany, had entered the Indian voyager car marketplace in 2001 by starting its car brand Skoda. In 3 years ago, two of the other brands Audi and Volkswagen, were also launched in India.

Over the years, Vw Group India notonly introduced several products, but likewise ensured that its brands were well known among the Of india consumers. Though, the company experienced had a existence in the Indian car marketplace since 2001 and the Skoda and Audi branded cars were well known among customers, the Volkswagen brand was not well recognized in the area. Therefore , in November 2009, the company released an integrated marketing campaign to build its brand image. It also created a marketing campaign due to its iconic unit, the Beetle. Volkswagen India expected that with its brand building workout, it would be in a position to increase the sales and capture a significant market share inside the Indian car market.

About Volkswagen

A brief history of Volkswagen (which means peoples car in German) can be tracked back to the 1930s once Ferdinand Porsche, a reputed automobile industrial engineer and artist, started designing an affordable car for the regular man. In 1936, the first prototype of the car, called the KdF-Wagen, was designed in Stuttgart, Germany Marketing Strategy in India Volkswagen came into the Indian market in 2001 simply by setting up their Indian subsidiary Volkswagen Group India. Since 2009, Volkswagen Group India had two group corporations Volkswagen India Private Limited (Volkswagen India) and Vw Group Revenue India Non-public Limited (VGSIPL) Promotion Skoda Auto India and Audi India In 2001, Skoda Auto India launched their first merchandise, the Octavia, in India. The company mainly used the print media when it created a new product. To advertise the brand image of the company, in addition, it used print out ad campaigns

The Road Ahead

In November 2009, Audi India announced that completely achieved 59 percent year to date revenue growth. In the period among January and November 2009, it distributed 1, 550 cars as compared with 974 vehicles in the same period in 2008.

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